Learning to cross country ski is fun and fascinating. Ole’s Cross Country Ski School will have you sliding along in one lesson. You will learn how to glide, turn and stop on cross country skis -  very handy for weaving around big trees! 


     You don’t need to take a ski lesson to ski at Ole’s because cross country skiing is based on natural movements. However taking just one lesson will really help you get started right. In a lesson you will learn to turn and stop your skis. In cross country skiing we ski up the hills, so climbing skills are taught. Skiing on groomed trails is not walking on skis. It is about learning to glide on skis- a very pleasant motion. Ole’s instructors make learning new ski skills fun. A ski lesson is a worthwhile investment in your skiing future. 

Ski Skating


    Have you tried ski skating yet? Ice skating and cross country skiing have inbred to produce Ski Skating, a faster form of cross country skiing. If you think cross country skiing is too slow, try ski skating. Ole’s moderate terrain makes it easy to get started. We offer ski skating lessons, rentals, and sales. Ask us!



Make a Reservation


Reserve your lesson time by calling 802-496-3430 or email ski@olesxc.com. Lessons are usually taught at 10AM and 1PM, but we can make exceptions. Rarely are more than 6 people in a Group Lesson. Private Lessons are available. 

Ski Lessons: 10:30AM and 1:30PM, please make a reservation

Group (1hr.)                  $30 adult              $20 jr/sr

Private(one person)     $45 adult              $35 jr/sr

Guided Tour (1.5 hr)     $25 adult              $20 jr/sr