A little snow?? Another year and another early snowstorm?? Could it be??

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Hey Folks, So it seems like some snow is moving in. Another year and maybe another early snow storm? Accumulation forecasts are a little all over the board but ( I say this with the appropriate VT cynicism) we could pull out 4"-6" of snow out of it. If we get some groomable snow, I anticipate getting a little skiing open for the weekend. The ground is pretty wet and there is still some open water around, including around the airport field so If we score some snow It will be best to leave it alone until the weekend or when things freeze up. Looks like a blast of cold air for the remainder of the week. That should help things. If snow falls we will be opening for this weekend only and then look to open full time a little further down the line. Potentially, (emphasis on potentially) a great start to the season! Also another reminder that the pre season discount on passes ends Saturday the 15th so time to get your pass for this season and save a little cash money. I will update on things tomorrow. Lenge leve Ole' s!


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