Wintertime is fast approaching

Happy Fall everyone, It has been a very pleasant few weeks of ideal autumn weather. If today's rainy windy weather has you gloomy then the fact that ski season is approaching fast might just lift your spirits. The trails are being prepped and I am looking forward to the ski season. Last year was one of the best seasons I have ever seen in VT. The skiing was awesome. We scored well over 120 days of skiing. It was truly a great season. November 15th is pre season deadline on seasons passes. Renew/purchase early and save some dough. If you have been a pass holder in the last few years then expect to see your annual mailing coming very soon. If you are a new pass holder or just eager to get signed up, then you can visit our website at olesxc.com, purchase through our online store or you can download a form from the website, print it out and send it into the address listed on the form. I look forward to seeing everyone very soon up at the center.


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Open today with about 8KM

Good morning, It snowed lightly here on and off all day yesterday and with the little bit that came in the night before, the skiing is nice. We have added most of Rock n' Roll to our trail list today.

Ski shop open today 9am-3pm

Good morning It is a gorgeous morning out there with lots of sun and temperatures that are forecasted to be 35°. The weather is great but yesterday’s warm and wet weather put a hammer down in the skii

Saturday gliding in store

Good Morning, Well, yesterday's warmer temperatures did diminish the snowpack a tad. But, we still have some skiing available for you today. It may be only around the airport and a loop on the inside

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