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Getting better by the snowflake.

Happy Saturday,

At 8:30 AM it is 16 degrees and snowing lightly, the big fatty snowflakes that make it look ever so wintry. The trails are currently in excellent early season condition, We have rolled out Trails # 2, # 3, # 11 ( Rock N' Rollin For a total of around 10ish KM of great skiing for Classic and or Skate. There is also a packed trail out to the big hill on Trail # 5 (Repeat Hill). Where there is a approximately a 3 KM loop of twitsy excellent skiing. It will work you. Getting there along the East Warren Road will be a a bit on the bony side but it will be worth it if you make it.

It has been a great week of skiing and the forecast over the next week looks to be on the right side. We are open everyday 9AM-5PM. Call with questions 802-496-3430.

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