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It is Wintry

Good Morning and happy Saturday,

We received about 4 inches of snow on Thursday afternoon and another 1" of the driest powder you ever did see last night. It is currently 10 degrees below zero and the thermometer is supposed to hold steady all day today. The bad news ? It is not gonna get ANY warmer today... at all. The good news ? If you DO decide to ski or snowshoe it won't matter what time of day you go because it is going to be cold as heck all day long. The wind as of 9 AM is pretty light. Any sort of wind increase at all or even the breeze created through skiing will increase wind chill factors greatly.

If you do venture out please check in with the shop and remember to cover all exposed skin. Especially your nose, eyes and face. A neck gator with a down hill skiing goggle works well and seals you in so to speak. Blue jeans and cotton clothing won't cut it. Also keep your ski short. Take a break and warm up. Nobody needs a hero.

All that being said we have groomed out about 25 KM of great skiing. The snow is awesome ! Temps only get worse tonight before the rebound to a balmy 8 degrees by the end of the day tomorrow. Call with questions and be safe out there.


If business is slow today we may close up shop early. In general on a day like today, for safely reasons, the trails are closed once we lock the door.

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