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A lot of sun and SOME great skiing

Good Morning,

We have been out tilling some trails and there is surprisingly decent snow cover out there considering the deluge we had Thursday night and yesterday morning. The trails overall have some good coverage but ARE interspersed with some small, occasional bare spots that one will have to negotiate if you want to ski. Definitely not a race ski day. If you want to get outside in the sun, listen to the birds that have come back to town and take in the beautiful scenery then today will be a great day to pick your way down a trail and enjoy the outdoors.

We will have a full trail count in a few hours once we are able to check out all places but I do expect to have about 10-15 KM of skiing broken up for today if not more. The surface while tilled up with the groomer is fairly firm and fast right now but expect it to soften up as the sun works its magic. Call for details about the trails.

We are open today and tomorrow 9 AM - 5 PM, I anticipate this being our last couple of days this season so come up and give it a go!. See you soon. Already looking forward to next year.

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