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Chilly start but good skiing in store as well as some more snow!

We are skiing on some good skiing today. The temperature right now at the center is a very nice 7 below zero, the winds are light and the air is pure. Arctic are to breath today, quite refreshing. Temperatures are chilly to start but they will rebound into the very January proper lower twenties and with the aforementioned light winds the skiing around the open trails of # 2 and Rock N' Roll willl be nice. The best snow is out on Rock n' Roll. There are a few spots that are thin but it is supposed to start snowing around mid day. We could receive up to 8 inches of snow. If we got even a fraction of that we would be stylin' and find our selves adding up to 20+ KM of trail to the menu quite quickly. We are speeding our way to another amazing Holiday week. Glad to have it winter again. As your ski center owner I must suggest you come up, take a lap, get warm, take another lap, repeat as necessary. Ski shop is open 9AM-5PM

Gear on sale at the shop today. Check it out. There are a few Rossignol tour packages available, a plethora of boots, Fischer performance skis, and Fischer Twin skin skis all on sale. See you soon Call with questions!

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