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A dusting of snow overnight and the snow is silky and glide rich

The snow today is at the perfect temperature where it is full of glide but still firm underfoot. The skiing remains excellent. We are in for some cold weather over the next couple of days. Bring it on, this is nordic skiing, it is supposed to be cold. Nothing warms you up like nordic skiing. That being said the morning will bring some below zero temperatures and down right dangerous wind chills. So check the temps and use common sense about heading out in such arctic like temperatures. Remember to go space man and cover all of your exposed skin. Wear many a layer and put those neck gaiters, balaclavas and goggles to work. So awesome to have winter here in its full glory.

Today expect wonderful conditions with very reasonable temperatures. The weekend is supposed to rebound in temps and we will certainly be enjoying all of this fantastic snow. See you soon.


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