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Good skiing still to be had here!

It drizzled on and off all day yesterday but the sun stayed behind the clouds and the temps never really got above 40 degrees. We did loose a little more snow but overall the trails are in remarkable condition for March 19th. The drop in temperature overnight locked the snow up hard but things tilled up fairly nicely this morning. The sun is starting to soften things up but the High temp. today is only 25 degrees so definitely stick to the fields and stay in the sun. Anything that is in the shadows or even stuff that is in the sun may still be firm and or icy. Skiers can expect some really nice snow, with good to excellent coverage interspersed with just a few melt outs that may require a quick pop off of the skis and then you will continue on your way. Due to firm and the occasional icy spot, combined with an occasional bare spot, please ski with caution, especially on the down hill sections. Tomorow the temperatures are supposed to climb well into the forties so I anticipate at least one more awesome spring skiing weekend. Call or check in with questions. See you soon.

All visitors are STILL required to be following all of the State of Vermont guidance and to also please fill out our Attestation Form which is found on our website. Please ensure both of those conditions are fulfilled BEFORE you come to the ski center. Call with questions.


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