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Happy Saturday. Come Ski!

April 6 2024

Saturday morning, time to get up and get your skiing in. We are open today with full service. Including Gear rentals and good to excellent skiing on about 15 km of trails for you to enjoy. We will be open at least through Monday and we are looking forward to the big eclipse event on Monday.

We have a ton of new snow on the ground from the large snowstorm we were gifted over the last few days. As you can imagine the coverage is excellent. There are a few wet and slushy spots negotiate but they're only here and there and the trade-off is.........

Skiing in T-shirts...... Nice and comfy gliding to be had up here today right through Monday at least. Come get the last bit of skiing for the season see you up here.

We are done with Nordic reciprocal passes for the season see you next year.

Note: due to the spring type weather and temperatures we recommend coming up to Ole's through Warren Village. Not up Airport Road straight off of Route 100. Give a call any with questions have a great day


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