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January 19, 2020

This weekends storm could not have come in any better. First we got a huge dump of wet heavy snow that coated everything with a pasty shell of snow. The next morning and through the next 36 hours or so it snowed a drier and drier snow. The result was turning are already pretty good conditions into prime winter skiing. The skiing is fantastic, the winds are down and the view will be nuts today. The week looks like it is going to be an incredible stretch of winter here at Oles.

We are now offering Seasonal Equipment Leases on brand new gear. Seasonal Leases are reasonably priced and we have limited set ups so call quick if you want to get yourself some quality gear to enjoy this season. We also have nordic gear for retail sale as well as waxing supplies. Get it while it lasts.

If you decide to pay us a visit please note that you are required by the State of VT to fill out an attestation form for Covid-19 travel restriction compliance. You can find a link on the home page of our website to fill out your online form. Please do so BEFORE you show up and on the day you plan to ski. Also note that equipment rentals are by reservation. To schedule your time to get fitted for rentals please call ahead. We will also be doing our best to accommodate folks as they show up. When you arrive please touch base with the parking lot attendant or "ski ambassador" to get squared away on how to get out on the trails. IF you just need day tickets you can purchase them online and then show receipt to the ski ambassador.


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