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Spring Skiing here today

February 09, 2024

Spring skiing up here today. The snowpack re froze overnight slightly. A little cloudy to start this morning but skies are forecasted to clear and the temps will warm nicely. Once things thaw a bit we will have excellent spring skiing up here today for you to enjoy. Grooming this morning on most of the core trails. I will renovate some track later today once things become tillable. Still a lot of great classic skiing out there and the skate skiing sure has been divine. The outer loop, trails #6,#9 and #10 are posted closed due to sketchy conditions. The core trails should all be skiing nicely with the exception of just a few spring type spots which are easily negotiable. Use some caution on the downhill sections, especially this morning as it will be fast and firm to start switching to a beautiful peal away corn. Come up and enjoy these excellent Mid Winter Conditions. See you up here today.


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