Ole's Cross Country Center is adhering to and recommending the following protocols and practices in line with CDC and State of Vermont Department of Health recommendations.

*Ole's will be open for Vermont residents, and ONLY those who meet the cross state travel guidance about traveling to and from Vermont. We reserve the right to turn customers away at our discretion if we feel they pose a risk to the health and safety of other customers and integrity of the building. Nothing personal and it will not be forever. 

*Ole's would like all customers to adopt  an “arrive, play and leave” mentality. Come up enjoy the trails and then take a hike! We like to chat too, but this season is not the time! Any events, races etc. will be conducted with social distancing as a high priority as a well as following all recommendations for events.  

*We ask that all customers wear a mask or face covering while inside the Ole's building and while congregation in any group outside of the trails or any other situation where social distancing of six feet is not possible. Masks are not required while engaged in strenuous activity while people are not congregated in groups other then their family members. 

*We ask that all customers observe the six foot distancing rule recommended by the Health Department to all extents possible either while on the trails and especially while in the Ole's building.  

*Ole's will be limiting the number of people in the building to 50% capacity which is inline with mandates by the Health Department. 


*All of our employees and customers will have constant access to hot water and soap as well as hand sanitizer. 

*All high contact areas, common areas and bathrooms will be cleaned at regular intervals and through out the day as recommended by the Health Department. We may limit the amount of bathrooms to one gender neutral bathroom at our discretion.  

*All employees will be health screened with a temperature check and a health survey about possible symptoms before being allowed to start their shift in accordance with recommendations by the Health Department. 

*Ole's reserves the right to modify our operating hours to help keep our environment safe and healthy throughout the 2020/2021 ski season. 

   For more information visit to the State of Department of Health Covid-19 information web page.  

Contact us :
PO BOX 228