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Ahhh the weather that's why we live here!

Good Morning,

It is a tid bit gloomy out there for sure. We received a real good shot of rain overnight and it has definitely reduced our snowpack a touch. Never fear however. The trails for the most part from what I have seen, still have some great coverage and I am cautiously optimistic about squeaking at least one more weekend out of the white stuff we have out there.

I may have to "draw outside the lines" with the groomer tomorrow, but things are supposed to freeze up overnight and then rebound into the mid thirties tomorrow. There are temperatures in the mid thirties forecasted for tomorrow and there will be ample sun. After a groom out on some select trails, the snow should, and then will hopefully soften and "corn" up for a great weekend of skiing.

To help preserve the snowpack our trails will be closed for today. Skier traffic over the snow slush melt that is our snowpack right now will become ten fold harder to groom out tomorrow once we get a refreeze. I anticipate having some great skiing for tomorrow. I will do an exploratory mission out on the trails with either skis or the sled later today when things dry out. I will update with any new news. Plan on skiing this weekend.

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