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2"-3" of fluffy fresh snow

Good Morning,

It seems like Groundhog Day here today. Another Monday and another "joke is on you from the weather man." Our big Nor' Easter came in short and did not deliver the potential 6"-8" of fresh like we were all on the edge of our seats for.

That's ok though, it did not totally miss us this time and we managed to roll out the 2"-3" fluffy stuff around the airport. The skiing is on the thin side, but someone who wants to ski should be able to get a work out. Skiing will be best for classic but skaters with a light touch should be able to cruise.Call with any questions.

Currently it is still snowing and should lightly on and off for the next few days. If it some more snow builds up we will see what else can be added to the menu.

Shop is open today 10AM-3PM. Call with questions.

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