100% open with cold temperatures

Good Morning, Between Tuesday night's storm and another round of squalls that blew in last night, we have received almost seven inches of beautiful powder this week. We are 100% open and the trails are looking great. We have a really cold day to get through today and then tomorrow the temps are supposed to rebound to a very reasonable high in the teens and the wind should die down. The outer loop is looking sweet and it will ski amazingly. The woods are the place to be today. We have some great trails that will get you right into the trees and give you a great place to do some gliding. If you do decide to venture out today, check in so we know that you are out there. Also be sure to cover

4 inches of fresh !

Good Morning, We scored almost 4 inches of fluffy powder on our trails yesterday and overnight. The trail are grooming out beautifully and things couldn't be better. Come up and enjoy the trails. Trails groomed today will include: Trail #1 Trail #2 Trail #3 Trail #4,#4a Trail #5 Trail # 7 out to the 4's Trail #11 Trails #8/12 have a large ice hazard and are generally closed till it gets covered up a little better. Check in for details. The skiing is amazing. We have some great trails available for snowshoeing and fat biking as well. We have all the rental gear you need for any winter excursion. It is going to be beautiful day come enjoy it! We be opening at 10AM today.

2"-4" of snow to blast over today

Good Morning Another day open and another day of great skiing. We are open today and the trail list includes: Trail #1. (freshly groomed this morning) Trail #2 Trail # 3 Trail #4 (two loops) Trail # 5 through the woods Trail #5 through the fields (icy, recommended for advanced skiers only). Trails #7 and #7A Trail #8 (open but has a huge ice spot that will require a taking off of the skis and a 100' walk). All trails are skiing great. There are only very occasional ice spots and the skate lanes are firm and the classic tracks are nice. We have anywhere from 2"-4" of snow forecasted to blast over from Lake Ontario today. Some fresh snow will make the already great skiing even better. We also

Open today with 25KM of great skiing, riding and snowshoeing!

Good Morning, We are open today with 25KM of great skiing. The trails have been worked and there are great skate lanes and great classic tracks to be had. The sun is out and the temps are supposed to be very comfortable in the upper teens. It will be a fantastic day here at Ole's. Come up and enjoy the peace and quiet out on Ole's trails. The fat biking should prove to be excellent as the snow has firmed up overnight. There are some icy spots to watch out for especially for the fat bikers but they are infrequent and are easy to negotiate around. Check in for details We have some great snowshoe trails to check out and explore as well. Snowshoeing is a great way to get out into the woods. If

Open today with great skiing and more to open through out the day

Good Morning, Yesterday's rain storm dumped about double the amount of rain that they forecasted. Never the less though, our deep snowpack absorbed the blow well and we still have great coverage on the trails. The following trails have been packed and tracked as of 9AM. Trail #2 around the airport, Trail #5 through the woods out to Trail #7 and out to Trail #4. I have also groomed trail #5 down to the bottom of Repeat Hill. Trail #5 through the fields will have to wait till the water drains out and freezes up properly. The coverage remains great and the ski surface did not turn into bullet proof ice. That has allowed the trails to be tilled nicely resulting in a great skate lanes that will b

Good day to organize the sock drawer

Good Morning, It is around 9:30 and a tad wet out there. It is raining at a modest clip, and as of right now the snowpack still looks good. There are still more that a couple of hours of wet weather and warmer temps to endure. I am confident that we will still be left with good skiing at the end of this annoying weather pattern. Once things refreeze and the trails drain from water, we will attack into the snow surface and get the trails open and skiing as good as possible.. Until then, at least for today, trails will be closed to protect our respectable base. Please stay off. A 16" deep ski rut into the mush will freeze into a 16" frozen trough and screw up the trail. As well as causing the

100 % open and things are fantastic

Good Morning, We have 100% of our trail system open and it is all skiing great. All of the trails were groomed out yesterday and everything should prove a pleasure to ski. Folsom Brook, Cold Springs and The Bundy trail were packed out last night and the plan was to groom it to perfection today but with the rain coming in tonight and tomorrow we will hold off and try to keep some air in the snow. Otherwise it will just turn to ICE CITY. No fun. The wet weather we have to endure tonight and tomorrow is pretty annoying but it does not, at this time look apocalyptic so I am optimistic about making it through and after things refreeze on Friday we should be styling for the weekend. They are talk

16" of fresh grooming out nicely

Good Morning We got about 16"'s of snow on Saturday night and Sunday day and it has blanketed our trail system beautifully. The light dry snow blew around in the strong winds yesterday and last night and there are some impressive snow drifts. The groomer is out doing laps and will be most of the day. The trails are great and are starting to set up nicely Call for details or just come up and enjoy all of this snow. See you soon. n.

Great snow but really cold

Good Morning, We have amazing snow but the temps are currently eight below zero and there is a steady wind of 20mph with higher gusts. That equals about a 30 below wind chill. Due to the extremely cold temps we will not be allowing folks to go out today. Just too cold and dangerous. Tomorrow is supposed to rebound into the teens and be nice and sunny. Please call with questions and don't venture out. Call with questions, see you soon.

Powda' Day

Good Morning, Overnight and this morning we scored over a foot of some of the driest powder I have ever seen. It is still snowing heavily out and is forecasted to for the bulk of the day. We are out rolling trails and you can expect about 20KM to be packed out and more as the day progresses. The woods are the place to be today and they are white, wintry, very still, and peaceful. Come up enjoy these beautiful powder conditions and say hello! See you soon!

Another Coating of snow overnight and trails are 100% open

Good Morning, It is 8AM and currently six degrees here at the center. Temps again are supposed to be very nordic with a high of 10 degrees today. There is no wind as of right now and the winds are supposed to stay light all day. Skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking are great ways to beat the cold. They warm you up fast and are a great workout. Trails are 100% open and we will have all but the outer loop of trails #6,#9, and #10 groomed out by mid morning. Trails are groomed for both classic and skate skiing. The outer loop of trails #6,#9 and # 10 has been packed out and you can expect a backcountry type ski, with some rough and or thin spots but also with some great skiing as well. Check in

Dusting of fresh overnight

Good Morning, The conditions remain excellent and we got a dusting of snow this morning to help freshen the already great trails up. The wether forecast calls for big snows Saturday night and with the already great snowpack out there, if things pan out the way they say it will, then we should be sitting pretty. Time will. Either way the skiing, riding and snowshoeing is already excellent. We have great trails, woods and fields for you to check out. The scenery is great and the temperatures are supposed to rebound into the upper twenties today. It will be a great day to get out and we have all the ski, snowshoe and fat bike rentals you'll need to get out and enjoy the trail system. Shop is o

Another great day

Good Morning, Another great day of skiing today. We have 25KM of trail open and things are skiing great. We have 15mi of fat biking for you to explore and great snowhoe trails as well. We have all the rental gear you need for skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking. The shop will be open today from 9AM-5PM.

Open Today 9AM-5PM, BKL kids ski club is today at 3:30pm

Good Morning, Trails are great, the skiing is great. We have great trails available for skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking. The following trails are open for fat biking: Trail #2, the loop around the airport, trail #5 through the woods only, down to the Repeat Hill, and trail # 7a loop, trails #4 and 4a, and trails #8 and #12. Trail #1 loop is also open to fat biking but will most likely be too soft in places. Please note that trail #5 along the East Warren road is closed to fat biking as well as trail #2 down around the polo field east of the airport loop. If you do not know where those places are please stop in a we will be happy to show you the best routes. That being said all trails are

Sunny with perfect temperatures

Today will feature fantastic skiing with ideal temperatures and amazing sun. All of our open terrain is skiing phenomenally. There are woods, fields, challenging terrain and rolling terrain all for you to come up and explore. Temperatures are supposed to rebound up to the mid twenties by mid day. Today might take the spot as the best day of the year. Get here and ski! We had a very busy weekend with a ton of people up enjoying the trails. Good to see the center alive with so many skiers, riders and snowshoers. Everyone had huge smiles on their faces despite the chilly temps. Hot chocolate was in high demand! Hope to see you up here today. Shop is open 9AM-5PM.


At 8AM it is ten degrees below zero and mighty frosty out there. It is as nice out as it gets.....again. The air is clean and the sun will be full on today. It is another classic day at Ole's with 25KM of fantastic skiing. We regroomed just about all open terrain this morning and with the temperatures forecasted to climb all the way to fifteen degrees and the wind forecasted to be minimal, it is going to be a great day. Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking are great aerobic activities and will keep you warm. We have snowshoe and fat bike rentals available as well as a ton of terrain to explore. Come up have a ski, walk or ride and say hello. The wood stove is cranking and we will be her


Good Morning, As of 7:30 AM it is four below zero with zero wind. The sun is just peeking up over the Eastern Ridge and it is a nice as it gets out. The temps are supposed to rebound to a very comfortable nine degrees above and with the sun shining down, it is going to be the best kind of day at the center today. Nordic skiing warms you up quick. There are some beautiful woods with tracks that will ski great. As long as the wind does not pick up the fields will be the place to be though. We have all but the outer loop groomed for both skate and classic skiing today. Approximately 25 KM of wicked good skiing. There are some trails for fat biking as well but please check in for the best routes

Fantastic skiing and very Nordic Temps today

Good Morning, We are open today with 25 KM of skiing groomed for both Classic and Skate skiing. Over the last couple of days we received almost 10 inches of beautiful snow and the conditions are the best they have been all year. The temps are supposed to be cold today but the current temp right now is a balmy 9 degrees above and that is already warmer than what the weather guys said it was going to be. The wind as of 8 AM is pretty minimal. We have some great woods trails to get you into some cover and it is very peaceful in there. Do not forget to bring a neck gaiter and cover exposed skin. Don't have one? We have some great items in stock from Skida that look great and keep you warm. There

Another 2" of fresh overnight!

Good Morning, We got another beautiful 2 inches of snow on the trails overnight. Things are covered well and we will be open with over 20Km of skiing groomed out for both classic and skate skiing techniques today. This is the best the skiing has been all year! Come up and enjoy the trails. It is snowing hard still at the center today as of 6 AM. Things are filling in fast but the groomer will be lapping the trails through out the morning. Best Skiing will be mid day to afternoon. See you soon!

12/9/18 11:00AM update

It's 11AM and we have packed out the following trails in addition to this mornings skiing mentioned in the previous post we have rolled out trails #3, trail # 5 along East Warren Road, Trail # 7 and right out to the two 4 KM loops. We have a total of 20 KM of skiing and things are skiing great. Further from the center there is a bony spot poking up here and there but the snow is supposed to start up again later today and things will fill in even more. All trails right around the center are skiing as good as they get. Trails #2,and #3 were fresh groomed and tracked at by 12 PM. The wind has died down and the afternoon should be sweet. See you soon.

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