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Good day to organize the sock drawer

Good Morning,

It is around 9:30 and a tad wet out there. It is raining at a modest clip, and as of right now the snowpack still looks good. There are still more that a couple of hours of wet weather and warmer temps to endure. I am confident that we will still be left with good skiing at the end of this annoying weather pattern.

Once things refreeze and the trails drain from water, we will attack into the snow surface and get the trails open and skiing as good as possible.. Until then, at least for today, trails will be closed to protect our respectable base. Please stay off. A 16" deep ski rut into the mush will freeze into a 16" frozen trough and screw up the trail. As well as causing the groomer to be grumpy. We don't want that.

Travel safe out there, watch out for the ponding on the roads. See you soon up at the center!

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