Snow but Ole's is closed for the season

Hey Folks, My sap boiling and home grown chicken grilling has turned into snow and winter again. And in an ironic turn, instead of the weather guys forecasting a storm to bring a nice dump of snow and having it fizzle out to nothing, the weather guys are wrong again. Except this time their dusting to just a few inches has turned into eight. The Valley is again awash in white. However. Due to what is going on in the world it I do not find it the right thing to do to open the center and groom out some trails. I do not want people to congregate here and please do not come up and ski. Trails are closed for the season. I know I know it sucks. Believe me, it is a bummer for me more than anyone. It

A little too spring like out there for my taste

Sunny day and nice temperatures except no snow. As anyone who has eyeballs knows the Mad River Valley is in end of April condition but unfortunately it is only the middle of March. So, needless to say there is no snow for skiing. We had a nice long stretch of winter with great skiing. I would like to have stretched it out through March but you can not control the weather. It does not look great for snow this coming week but if we get a storm this Month you can bet I will be grooming it! Maybe it is for the best as the freak out over Corona whatever it is seems to be gripping the nation. Stay healthy folks, wash your hands and wax your skis, maybe the wax fumes will sterilize us. Best to all.

Come and ski!

Another day of bright sun and warm spring temperatures. The sun is out in full force and the snow is heating up quick. Regrooming on trails #2 and Rock n' Roll this morning. The rest will soften up quickly and will all be skiing in proper spring fashion. Trails are for the most part covered. There are thin/bare spots to negotiate, increasing in frequency as one moves further away from the center. Basically there are the typical spring thin spots amongst stellar spring skiing conditions. . High of 50 today so come and get it. The 10 Day forecast looks a little ominous. Would love to get another snow storm this year and get a few more weeks out of it. Think snow people. You never know when th

Spring skiing here today

Good Morning Folks, Brilliant sun, blue skies and great skiing will be prolific today. The snow is packed hard and frozen firm as of 9AM. The sun will work its magic though and once things soften, corn snow will abound and the skiing will be awesome. My guess on the corn window will be between 11AM and 1PM or 2PM. Just a guess. This clock change has me all screwed up. The snow coverage on the trails is hanging in there very well so I suggest everyone comes up and gets the goods whilst they are here! See you soon.

1" inch of fresh overnight

A lean inch of snow overnight has gone along way to soften the frozen granular that was spring conditions yesterday. The fresh snow tilled into the harpack nicely and things are firm packed but nicely edge-able. Skiing will be excellent in the meadows today. The majority of the snow in the woods is nice but there are thin/bare spots to negotiate. The skiing overall will be excellent. We have had some melting over the last few days. Take it easy on the downhills and fast sections especially through the woods. The skiing overall will be excellent today. The sun is out and the snow will be nice all day long. The views are long and beautiful.

Still holding strong, skiing great

What a sunny beautiful morning. Very bucolic out there first thing this AM. Sun is out and shining and the winds are also light. The birds are chirping away and they certainly seem happy. Anyone who comes up to ski should feel the same way too. The skiing overall is still excellent. The woods are starting to get bony in a few spots. Trail #5 through the woods are in good shape for the most part but the north end before popping out into the farm fields is getting bony but very passable. You will find trails #8 and #12 in the same condition. An early morning mission to clear some down trees across the trail on the outer loop trials of #9, #10 and # 6 found it to be getting thin for sure but it

Skiing still great coverage remains excellent

Good Morning, A refreeze overnight and things have firmed up. There may be just a little snow down in the valley but we are still living large up here at the center. Our snowpack is holding on strong, and skiing remains excellent. We are still 100% open, and just about everything will be getting the grooming treatment today and everything else will be regroomed for the weekend. Skating is especially nice this morning and once things soften back up the track setter will be busted out, and I will renovate our track for some killer afternoon classic skiing. Klister anyone? The outer trails still have great coverage but there are some very small bare spots that have shown up where the trail face

Warm and soft out there

Spring temperatures stuck with us right through last night and the snow is still soft and spring like. Coverage on the trails still remains, for the most part, good too excellent. We are holding off on grooming to keep compaction down and help hold some base. I plan on doing some re-grooming tomorrow morning once things refreeze. Skiing should be on the soft side today but real nice tomorrow. A good wind across the airport today so bring your heavy skis to help you keep from blowing away. No snowshoeing today or Fat Biking as it will damage the trails. All merchandise is all sale in the shop and things are marked down up to 40% off. Call with questions.

Spring skiing here today!

Morning, A little warmer than I like but ok, spring skiing is here. For now. We are 100% open and trails still have good coverage. The snow will be soft and spring like, so bring your t shirt and sunglasses and come up and have a nice soft springy ski. No time records will be be broken today but no worries about frost bite either! See you soon.

Wintry temps with beautiful sun and conditions

The sun is out, filtering through the clouds and the the light snow that is coming down. It is reeeaaal nice! It is on the cold side this AM. Eight degrees. Feels good. The temps are supposed to be in the lower twenties today and that will put some nice glide in the snow. Come up and enjoy these trails, they are firm packed and covered well. Happy faces were aplenty yesterday, and I anticipate the same today. See you soon. Ski shop on sale. Come check it out!

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