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A little too spring like out there for my taste

Sunny day and nice temperatures except no snow. As anyone who has eyeballs knows the Mad River Valley is in end of April condition but unfortunately it is only the middle of March. So, needless to say there is no snow for skiing. We had a nice long stretch of winter with great skiing. I would like to have stretched it out through March but you can not control the weather. It does not look great for snow this coming week but if we get a storm this Month you can bet I will be grooming it!

Maybe it is for the best as the freak out over Corona whatever it is seems to be gripping the nation. Stay healthy folks, wash your hands and wax your skis, maybe the wax fumes will sterilize us. Best to all. It has been a great season, but I am not ready to write my yearly, end of the season post just yet. Fingers crossed for snow. I was going to try and have a spring fling party but with the virus kicking around it seems like not the best idea. We may get some snow and It may be in the middle of April when it is the last thing we all want but time will tell.

The ski shop will be open this weekend from 10AM-2PMish. After that we shall see. Stay in touch and I hope everyone finds something to do! Be well.

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