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Trails closed. Maybe it for the season?

March 28 2024

More rain fell last night, quite heavy at times.

Trails took a real hit and with the lack of coverage and a wet mushy ground/snowpack we do not have enough continuity in the snowpack to groom or to call it open.

A bit of a soap opera this season with the up and down weather but yesterday was 95 days of skiing on natural snow. Respectable.

We will need some more snow to get any skiing open again.

Another some kind of something storm is set to hit us again this week. It could go either way. Rain, snow or a mix of both. I will go home later and take the plow off the truck. That should secure us another snow storm. Stay warm and dry out there and if you are not thinking snow maybe just wish for a solid stretch of sunshine! Anyone for a few days of non rainy weather? Wouldn't that be nice.

Stay tuned.



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