Good Morning Folks The heavy rains and warm wind disintegrated our already skinny snowpack and the Airport is once again a mixture of snow and ice. Trails are soft where it is bare and are icy where any coverage remained. Trails are closed to all uses. There is so snow in there forecast for next week so we will see you all soon. Have a nice New Years.

Still open/still skiing

Good Morning, Trail #2 and trail #11 were both re-rolled this morning. It is the type of weather that reminds us why it is called New England. There is a mixed bag of precipitation forecasted for today and temperatures are supposed to rise with strong winds later. Currently at 9AM it is right around the freezing mark and sleeting/freezing rain. There is some skiing to be had and it is a bit on the thin side but yesterday turned out to be a great day and we still are working with something of a base so a little bit of snow on top of that and things will be sweet. Call for details.

Open today for of skiing and riding!

Good Morning, The lean inch we scored overnight has allowed us to get a little trail open today! We have groomed out trails #2 around the airport and trail #11 around Rock N' Roll. The skiing overall is pretty good. There are a few thin spots and some icy spots underneath but the sun is shining brightly and the scenery can't be beat. Half day rates all day today! It will be a great day to hangout in the nice fresh air, come up for a ski or ride. There were several folks up here yesterday riding there fat bikes and taking advantage of these perfect fat biking conditions. Things are very firm underneath and have about an inch of nice cold powder on top. The result is a nice, ridable surface w

Open today for Fat Biking

Good Morning, Hope everyone had a good holiday. The ski shop is open today and while the 1/2" of snow we got yesterday did a great job of providing a white Christmas and making the field out front look nice and white, the majority of it is down to grass or a hard ice underneath. There for it is too lean to groom and pretty much too lean for skiing. We do have some great terrain open for anyone interested in doing some fat biking. Trails open include Trail #2 around the airport only, Trail #5 through the woods only, Trail #8, Trail #12 through the woods down to the field out on Repeat Hill. Trail # 5 along East Warren Road is off limits at this point as well as the polo field east of the air

Happy Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve to all, We still are awaiting winter to return. We have some Fat Biking trails today with some rentals that are available. We will be closed for Christmas day. I hope everyone has a great and safe Holiday. Merry Christmas!!

Sun is out, and we are open for Fat Biking!

Good Morning, Despite Friday's deluge putting the hammer on our trail system and wiping us out for skiing, it is a beautiful day out there and is rather pleasant. While we do not have any skiing available, we have obtained some brand new, and rather spiffy Swix Fat Bikes. They are available for rental at $15/hr, $30/ Half Day, or $50/Day Plus a trail pass. We have quite a bit of Trail open for your riding pleasure including all of Trail #2, Trail #2A, Trails #5 Through the woods only out to the Hay Field on Trail # 5. I went on a ride first thing this morning to check things out and it was pretty fun. I did the loop on trails #5/8/12 and it was fairly technical and I would recommend it to an

Par for the course

Good Morning, We got a huge wet mess out there today. The two inches of rain, warm weather and melting snow has caused us to be washed out. The timing of course couldn't be any worse. Hey that rhymes. Maybe I'll start writing blues songs. I try to remain positive on these reports so here it goes..... We had 35 days straight of skiing here at the center, so I can't feel too bad. It is still early and the season is still very young. We will get it back and things will be white with smiling faces gliding and riding over the snow. Until then? Up yours mother nature. Ok I feel better. Thanks for listening. Things are soft and wet right now. Snowshoeing and fat biking may be a possibility this we

Best day of skiing thus far here TODAY

You are going to want to come and ski or ride today. The sun is blazing over the airport and the temperatures are nice and cold to start with a warm up in store for later. It will soften the snow pack and create great glide until things really soften up later in the day. The forecast looks a little ominous, well quite ominous, but as your ski center owner I highly recommend you come over and enjoy the trails today. The skating will be excellent and there is a great classic track on just about all of the groomed terrain. See you soon.

It's all about the vistas today

The sun is out and the trails are groomed up. We have around 15 KM of skiing for either classic or skate skiing.The skiing is good. We survived the melt a few days ago very well and the inch of fresh powder we got on Monday night blew around onto our trails all day yesterday. Between that and some creative grooming re routes coverage is great and the skiing should prove to be fun. The views are spectacular on this crisp winter day and it is classic day to be at Ole's My suggestion? Get it whilst it is here. Forecast for Friday doesn't look too good. We are living now though so all are summoned to come and ski the trails. We also have close to ten miles of Fat biking open to you folks who are

Case of the Mondays?? Come skiing or riding at Ole's

Comfortable temps, adequate snow coverage, skate lanes tilled up beautifully,good track with a fresh coating of snow are all on the menu today for you Nordic skiers. We have some serious Fat Biking terrain open for you gear heads as well. The coating of snow overnight has tilled in nicely to all our trails. It will be a great day of skiing and riding. Come up and enjoy the snow. Gonna be a good day. Lots of gear up here for sale. Brands from Rossi, Fischer, Skida, and Swix are in stock. Come check it out.

Soft and spring like, to lets say "a wee bit firm"

Good Morning, We had a great day of skiing yesterday and we endured the warm temps pretty well. The thin and or icy like spots got a little bigger but coverage remains overall pretty good on the open terrain. Before I went home last night I took out the groomer as the snow pack froze and tilled up around the Airport and around Rock n' Roll. IT should help but early morning skiers should anticipate things to be pretty firm and a little variable until the day temps rise and help to soften things up. We are in our 30th consecutive day of skiing today. Been a few years since that happened! The ski shop will be open today from 9 AM -5 PM Fresh snow potentially coming in on Monday night. It has b

Trails open today 9AM-5PM

It is a mild and sunny day out. Things have softened up but it is quite pleasant out. There is just a little breeze and it feels like spring out there. But it is ok because things will ski great today. As of right now (8:45AM) things are still firm underfoot and expect the surface to soften as the day progresses. The snowpack is consolidated and I: would think the snow will be fairly corn like by about mid morning. Call for details. See you up here today for a great day of spring skiing in December.

Another great Friday

Good Morning, We are still open with great skiing. We have around 16 KM of trail groomed out for both classic and skate skiing. Trails are in great shape, the temps are very reasonable and it is going to be a excellent day of skiing and riding. As the temperatures warm through the day the skiing should just get better and better. Come and get it. Trail list includes trail #2, #3, #11,#5 through the fields out to Repeat Hill where there is a 2KM loop that weaves in and around in the hay field. It is a lung buster and has great cover. The start to this year has been unprecedented. So far our trails have been open with 28 days straight of skiing and it is only the 14th of December! We have a sl

1/2" Fresh and looking good

Morning, We got about 1/2" of fresh overnight and trails are great! We are groomed for classic and skate skiing and are skiing on about 16 KM of great early season conditions. We also have around 5 Miles fat biking for your riding pleasure. Things are in great shape. Hope to see you up here enjoying the trails today. Our ski shop is open today from 9AM-5PM. The shop is stocked full of great gear and we are giving some great deals on ski packages and ski accessories. See you soon!

Chilly and beautiful start to the day

Good Morning, A cold and wintry start to the day today. We had 2 degrees this morning at the center!. The trees had a small coating of rime ice and with the sun coming up over the ridge it was a pictureque start to the day. We are open with great skiing for both classic and skate skiing techniques. We also have some great Fat Bike trails available .Come up and enjoy all this great snow and these great trails See you soon.

Open with 16 KM great skiing and 5mi of great Fat Biking

Good Morning, The sun is out and it is a nice as it gets. We are open with some fantastic skiing and riding. We have opened some new terrain this morning! Trail list includes: Trail #2, Trail #3, Trail #11 Rock n' Roll, and trail # 5 through the fields out to repeat hill where there is a great circuit that should measure out in the 2km-3m range. It will be a great workout. There is great coverage but early season bony spots do exist so keep your eyes peeled. Our ski shop is loaded with some fantastic gear for your nordic skiing needs. Stop in have a tour and say hello.

Ole's Open

Skiing is great and the sun is out and shining in full force. We are skiing on some of the best early season conditions that have happened at Ole's in many years. We will have almost 15 KM of skiing and almost 5 miles of fat biking for you today. Skiing,riding,and the scenery should be fantastic today. Come up and have a tour. Call for details Ole's Ski shop is open today from 9 aM

Skiing and Fat Biking here this weekend

Hello folks, Here with an afternoon update. Wanted to let everyone know that we have groomed out almost 5 miles of separate trail for Fat Biking today. It includes a side loop around the Airport runway, a technical loop around the field on trail # 1 and some great woods out on trail # 2A. This is just the start and we will be creating tons more riding opportunities for the upcoming season. $10 Fat bike day pass! Ski conditions are also epic and we are set up to have an amazing weekend. Hope to see you soon!

1" Fresh

Good Morning, We scored 1" of fresh overnight. The sun is beaming and the winds as of 8 AM are light. It is a classic Ole's ski day. Come ski, ride, or just hang out. The trails are beautiful and groomed out beautifully. We are set up for a fantastic weekend of skiing. Trails # 2, # 11 Rock n" Rolling and trail #3 are all skiing great for both classic and skate skiing. Ski shop is full of goodies for you to check out. We got gear from Fischer, Rossignol, Skida and Swix. Come check it out. We are open 9 AM - 5 PM.

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