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Open today for Fat Biking

Good Morning,

Hope everyone had a good holiday. The ski shop is open today and while the 1/2" of snow we got yesterday did a great job of providing a white Christmas and making the field out front look nice and white, the majority of it is down to grass or a hard ice underneath. There for it is too lean to groom and pretty much too lean for skiing. We do have some great terrain open for anyone interested in doing some fat biking. Trails open include Trail #2 around the airport only, Trail #5 through the woods only, Trail #8, Trail #12 through the woods down to the field out on Repeat Hill. Trail # 5 along East Warren Road is off limits at this point as well as the polo field east of the airport field.

We have a couple of fat bikes available to rent and a quick lap around the airport this morning provided some entertainment and cleaned out a some cobb webs.

Please check in before heading out as to find out the best places to ride. It is a nice sunny day out there and quite nice.

We have some great gear in stock for the your Nordic Needs. Come check it out!

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