Another perfect day at Ole's

The wind and dreary weather that has dominated the majority of this week is gone and now it is time to come out of the hidy hole that you have been hiding from the weather in, and get out and ski, ride or snowshoe some great trails here at Ole's. We have about 30KM of skiing groomed fresh for you this morning. The fields and woods of Ole's trails were as beautiful this morning as I have ever seen them. The temps are chilly to start, but the wind is forecasted to be light all day today. With the almost March sun overhead beaming down good old Vitamin D and toasting everything nicely, today once again, might be the best day this year at Ole's. See you soon. a

The wind is gone and the skiing is fantastic

Good Morning, We are 100% open and are out with the groomer buffing out the trails.. We will be grooming this morning and clearing debris off of the trails and getting the woods cleaned up after the crazy wind we have had over the last couple of days. The snowpack is great and the skiing is great. There is even some more snow in the forecast for tonight ! It is going to be a beautiful day for skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking at Ole's.

Sunny day with great skiing

Good Morning, We dodged the bullet once again with the warm weather that was forecasted for the past 72 hours. Our snowpack did not diminish at all and we actually received a gain in snowpack. As most of the precipitation that fell from Saturday night until last night was of the frozen variety. It snowed up here yesterday along with strong winds that blew all day and all last night. There were some impressive gusts with white out conditions. Today we are grooming trails #1,2,3,4,5,7,7A, The outer woods loop is plastered with woods debris and will need to be cleared before a groom can happen. Anticipate that getting cleaned up and groomed by end of day tomorrow. Besides that the Sun is out

1/2 inch of snow overnight

Good Morning, We got another coating of high in glide snow on the trails this morning, Everything is open and as of right now we have lost very little snow. Let's hope things don't get too warm or wet later today. With the potential rain and warm coming in this afternoon we are holding off grooming operations until things turn cold again. The skiing will be nice but the wind is blowing at a good clip and is forecasted to increase as the day progresses. The woods are a good place to hide though. Call with questions

Perfect Day

It is going to be a perfect day today. High temperatures in the thirties, light winds, sun and all trails open and groomed. Bring the sunblock. It has been a great week here at the center. The skating as well as the classic track should both ski great today. Things are firm but tilled and should soften nicely through out the day. The President's week sale is still on. We have great nordic gear from Fischer, Rossignol, Skida, Swix and more. Fischer Twin Skin skis are in stock. Come demo a pair this weekend and check them out. These sunny winter days are the perfect conditions for skin skis. See you all soon.

Happy Friday

Happy almost weekend to all, We are 100% open here at the center and the skiing is great. We received a dusting of snow overnight and today the forecast calls for a high in the thirties and the sun is supposed to come out and shine. Come and get it. Just about everything will be getting groomed today and the groomer will be out through out the day making things nice for the people. Snowshoeing is great right now too and we have great trails as well as snowshoe rentals available. See you all soon. The ski shop is on sale right now and all items are on discount. Get the deals while they are here!

1" of fresh overnight

A coating of snow on our trails this morning, We got a lean inch of snow over night and it has coated our trails in a nice layer of Hero Snow. That nice high in glide snow that makes us all feel like champions. Skiing remains great and the groomer is out doing laps today and making it real nice for you. It is going to be another great day here at the center for winter pursuits. Today, tomorrow and Saturday is looking to be phenomenal. Come enjoy the trails. The ski shop is open today from 9AM-5PM Ski shop is on sale. Deals in house.

Get up groom/ski great conditions, run shop, sleep, repeat

Good Morning, Yes it is another day with Ole's trails being 100% open and the skiing is still excellent. Our trails are 100% open and everything is groomed up for your skiing pleasure. The BKL kids were up here yesterday ripping it up and the place has been a buzzing hive of happy skiers, snowshoers and fat bikers. Today should prove to be another day in a series of the best days so far this year. The temps this morning was a very winter like six below but by around mid day they will rise to a perfect high in the upper twenties. The winds are light and it is a great day to enjoy Ole's. There is three to five inches of snow forecasted for tonight and things will only be getting better for th

1"-3" fresh snow by mid day today

Good Morning, A nice winter day out there. It is snowing lightly and the skiing is as nice as it gets. Things are epic. Ole's was in full swing at the center over the weekend. The place was jumping. It is snowing lightly here at the center and is supposed to continue through mid day. We are grooming 25KM+ fresh by around mid morning. All other trails were groomed in the last couple of days. Everything will be skiing excellent. We have great trails for snowshoeing as well. You need gear to get out? We have all the gear for any excursion as well as some great route suggestions. Come get the snow! Ski shop in sale this week. We have gear from Rossignol, Fischer, Skida and Swix. There are great

Best day of this year, today

We are 100% open today for all your recreation needs. Yesterday was fantastic, there were a ton of people utilizing the trails and good vibes were abundant. It was "Gliding Nirvana" said one skier. The ski trails have all been groomed and things are looking sweet. The temperatures have started chilly, currently two degrees right now at the center, but they are forecasted to rebound to a very comfortable low in the twenties and there is zero wind. The sun is about to bust over the ridge and illuminate all of the great trails out on the ski center. A blue bird day is in stock for today and they scenery is unbeatable. See you up here. The ski shop is open today from 9AM-5PM. We are currently ho

100% Groomed and tracked this morning

Good Morning The trails are 100% open and will be fresh groomed this morning by around 10ish. The trail system could not be nicer and with comfortable temps forecasted and zero wind as of 8:30AM, it is as nice as it gets here at the center. We have amazing skiing as well as a ton of snowshoeing terrain to explore. The Warren Pinnacle snowshoe trail was packed out yesterday and is a beautiful route. We have Trails available for fat biking today as well as rentals. We are primed and ready for a great Holiday Weekend. Come up and enjoy the trails! We also have some great gear in stock and have some great ski package prices. Everything in the store is on sale. Come check it out.

Ole's is 100% open and skiing great

Good Morning, Ole's scored over eight inches of snow in the last 36 hours. It has bonded to the ice underneath very nicely and things are skiing sweet. All trails have been groomed except for the outer loop, which we will hopefully be grooming out for the weekend. We have a quick warm up tomorrow with seasonable temps returning for Saturday and beyond. Things are skiing fantastically and we are in prime winter condition here at the center. The outer loop is open and should provide a great powder ski. If we pack it out, we could ice it out with the warm up coming in so best to leave some fresh on it. But go check it out. I was messing around down there before the storm and it sure is pretty d

A powder day at Ole's

Good Morning, We scored 8 inches of snow here overnight and it is still snowing lightly. Another few inches are supposed to fall through out the day today. By around mid morning, we will have around 25KM of trail packed and tracked for your skiing pleasure. Some spots will have to be packed and then groomed later. We need to give this new snow a chance to bond with the ice that exists. Take it easy out there, some real "HE-MAN" type boiler plate ice exists. Other than that trails are nicely white, covered and will provide some excellent gliding. It is amazing how things turn around in 10 hours of weather. Call for details.

Open today for a bit of skiing, snowshoeing and Fat Biking.

Good Morning, We got a good bout of classic New England weather this week and it definitely took it's toll on our snowpack. The groomer is out seeing what can be done with what snow is out there. So far it is a groomed 1 KM loop that consists of a pretty nice loose granular surface on most of the loop, with an occasional icy and or a thin or bony spot. It is what it is, but someone looking to get a workout in or just get outside should find it surprisgnly decent. We are now poking around out on trail #5 in the woods to check out what is available for snow to create a loop. We will update shortly to let you know. Skiing is open to pass holders and folks with their own equipment with a discoun


Another classic Vermont day today featuring drippy ice coated trees and dangerous road conditions. Gotta love VT. Our trails unfortunately are a mix of Ice, slush, more ice and ground. Not ideal for skiing conditions. There IS some skiing out there. Across the road there is a 1KM loop that actually was skiing pretty sweet yesterday. There is also some potential down trail #5 woods out to repeat hill. If there is some snow left after the next rain system forecasted to affect us tonight, I will see what I can do to create some skiing out there for pass holders. I do not think that we will be selling day tickets for skiing or renting out ski gear unfortunately. Do your snow dance people! This

Beautiful day but Ice dominates

Good Morning, We got way more hammered by warm wind and some rain over the last few days than we had anticipated. The airport was reduced to mostly ice and for the most part have put our trails on hiatus. I have groomed about a 1KM loop across the road on the field of Trail # 1 and all in all the skiing over there will be pretty nice. We have some frozen something coming in overnight into to tomorrow morning and the another round of rain and warm temps for Friday to deal with. The skiing is on the icy side but any pass holders who want to come get a work out will find nice skiing on the aforementioned loop and the woods out to repeat hill still has good coverage. The woods out to repeat have

Amazing weekend but trails temporarily closed due to warm up today

We had a crazy good weekend over the last couple of days. The skiing was as good as it get's for both classic and skate skiing. Ole's place was bustling and smiles we're a dime a dozen around the ski center and it's trail system. We have a warm up to endure over the next couple of days. Hard to believe that it is now forty degrees outside and at the beginning of last week we had thirty five below wind chills. I guess it is not too hard to believe, we do live in good ol' VT. The trails look nice and I don't want to to do it, but we will be closing trails over the next couple of days. Today and tomorrow it is not going to refreeze. Tuesday night a refreeze so maybe some skiing on Wednesday.

1/2" fresh overnight

We are 100% open and things are skiing great. Yesterday was a great day and smiles were abundant. This morning everything but the outer loop will be groomed fresh. The outer loop has a beautifully groomed surface, and a great track with 1/2" of snow. The temps today will be ideal not only for comfort but also for gliding. It will be the perfect balance between glide and grip. Needless to say a great day for classic waxing. The skating will also prove to be pehnomenal. A lot of great glide to be had out there today. February brings great deals and our ski shop is on sale. It is a great time to get into some new nordic gear. See you up at Ole's.

100% Open with great weather out there

Good Morning, We currently are open with 100% of our trails skiing amazingly. Everything is groomed and everything is skiing awesome. I got out to ski the Folsom Brook, Cold Springs, and Bundy trail loop late last night and it was really sweet. Even in the dark. Things do no't get much better up here and you definitely should come up to enjoy these amazing winter conditions. We have some great snowshoe trails available for you as well! We have all the winter gear you need for any type of adventure. We can show you the best route as well. The ski shop is on sale. Come in and let's see what we can do to hook you up with some gear. See you up here today. Ski shop is open 9AM-5PM

We will be 100% tracked and packed today

Good Morning, Trails have been dumped on with snow, the skiing is great and we will be grooming out all the trails today. We have a ton of snow out there and things do not get any better. The temps as of 8AM are a chilly zero degrees but they are supposed to get to a very nice high of thirteen degrees and the sun will be blazing and out in full force. These are the best kind of days to be at Ole's. This weekend will be spectacular. As your ski area owner I highly recommend you come up and enjoy the trails over the next couple of days. See you soon!

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