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Sunny day with great skiing

Good Morning,

We dodged the bullet once again with the warm weather that was forecasted for the past 72 hours. Our snowpack did not diminish at all and we actually received a gain in snowpack. As most of the precipitation that fell from Saturday night until last night was of the frozen variety. It snowed up here yesterday along with strong winds that blew all day and all last night. There were some impressive gusts with white out conditions.

Today we are grooming trails #1,2,3,4,5,7,7A, The outer woods loop is plastered with woods debris and will need to be cleared before a groom can happen. Anticipate that getting cleaned up and groomed by end of day tomorrow.

Besides that the Sun is out and the skiing is great. The wind is not too bad as of right now. The skating should be fast with the transformed snow and the classic track is also nice. Come get your ski in.

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