Open with 12KM of skiing today!

Good Morning, Yesterday we scored around 3 inches of dense wet sleety snow. The mix of frozen rain and sleet has coated us with a nice shell of glide rich snow. We have around 12KM of trail for your skiing pleasure and oh how quick things can turn around in a day. Even though we are skiing on a relatively small amount of base the consistency of the snow has covered everything nicely and it things are going to be skiing great. Ya-hoooo for skiable snow! Ski shop will be open 9AM-5PM. Call with questions.

White again and almost groomable

We received a little more than an inch of wet snow and some freezing rain on top. Not quite enough to groom but the precipitation is supposed to pick up again and it is supposed to trend more snowy. Just a few more inches on top of what we got last night and trails will reopen. Time will tell but I am hopeful that some skiing will be available for tomorrow. Drive safe out there as roads are slick. Call with questions. Ski shop is open today 10AM-3PM.

Some snow in the forecast!

Good Morning, Currently there is a lack of snow up at the center so we have trails closed. The weather dudes are forecasting snow starting tonight and going on and off with through Tuesday night with accumulations of up to 8 inches. That would be sweet. So stay tuned folks and keep your snow dances going. Think Snow!

A little green up here

Well the warm and rain once again put the hammer down on our trails and has melted the airport right down to grass. That has left us with no snow to open trails unfortunately. It is nice out but no Nordic skiing for us today. There is some potential snow in the forecast so stay tuned. Like I said before, just a few inches of snow and we will be back to gliding glory. Put on your tight pants and once again, initiate your snow dance. Think snow people......Do it. Ski shop will be open this weekend Saturday and Sunday 9AM-5PM. Call with questions. Hope to see you soon.

Another day, another day of great views

Good Morning, We still have some coverage up at the airport but things are really firm. The sun is supposed to shine in force today and hopefully things will soften up. We shall see. There is some grooming outside the main trail, where the ungroomed snow was before our warm up and that has provided skiers with some soft tracks over the last few days. If things manage to soften up the main trail will ski nicely. The later part of the day will provide the best skiing. Snowshoeing is also a great option today and we have some great terrain for you to check out. Once again, the views are sweet and the weather will be rather pleasant. Call with questions. Ski shop will be open at 10AM today. Enjo

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying there morning. The ski shop will be open today starting at 10AM. There is still snow to ski out there. Things never really softened up yesterday but the high temperatures are supposed to get into the mid thirties today and thing SHOULD soften up and the track SHOULD be a little more edge-able than yesterday. Call with questions. Have a safe holiday.

Firm now but should soften later

Good Morning, We had a warm up yesterday and things froze up hard overnight. That has produced, at the moment, a very fast and firm surface. We anticipate the conditions to improve as the sun works its magic and softens things up. We did lose some snow but there is still some good skiing out there, but there are a little more earthen tones sticking out then there was yesterday. The skiing, while fast and furious now, will soften in an hour or two. We think........ So have that second or third cup of coffee, watch another soap opera and then come up and check it out. Despite things being a tad firm and the skiing being a little on the thin side, the views are going bananas, the sun is nice an

T shirt weather and good skiing here today!

We are open today with around 12KM of skiing and riding. Trails overall are great. It was a fantastic weekend with a lot of smiles and happy skiers. There is a lot of sun in store today so come up and say hello, have a tour and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Ole's has to offer. Fat bikers are welcome, of course, to come up and enjoy the trails. For all you gear jockeys there is a separate track on the inside of the airport and I also ran the snowmobile through the woods on trail # 5. So one could ride out and back. Fat tire bikers are asked to please stay off the main trail, just around the airport and once things get really mushy we may ask you to wait until a refreeze. But if your gonna

Happy Sunday funday

Another nice sunny winter day is in store for us today. We remain open with around 12KM of skiing. Yesterday was great with a lot of great people beating the cold with Nordic skiing. Come up and say hello and enjoy the scenery We also have some great Nordic Gear here in the shop. We are stocked with all those Nordic goodies you just have to have. Come check it out. Lower snow=Good deals at Ole's. See you soon. Ski shop is open 9AM-5PM

We are open today with great skiing..

Good morning, Nice cold winter temperatures? Check.......Good snow and good skiing? Check......Yeah it is 2 below but who the heck cares! Temps are supposed to climb into the very nice mid twenties and Mr. Sun is supposed to make an appearance and say hello. We scored up to 8 inches of snow over the last week and we have very gladly managed to open around 12KM-13KM of skiing here at the center. Around the airport and the polofield is skiing nicely as well as Trail # 11, Rock N' Roll. You will find track to glide in on all those trails. We have also rolled out trails #3 and trail #5 along East Warren Road out to the hay field (Repeat Hill) where one can make a loop and head back the way they

Sunny, cold, beautiful and 10KM+ of groomed trail

Good Morning, Another beautiful sunrise and another refreshingly cold start to the day. We are back in action with around 10 KM of skiing up here at the center. Exploratory missions around the trail network are in store and I am hoping to have anywhere from 10KM-15KM of trail open for the weekend. Fresh tracks are set throughout open terrain. The forecast for the next ten days is supposed to be sunny and calm as a high pressure system is supposed to dominate our area. Temperatures are cold now, but in no time today, things will rebound into the upper teens. It is then only supposed to get nicer as the week progresses. This is a recipe for killer views, great gliding and we are set up for an

Sunny and cold

Good Morning, Fresh powder skiing up here today with fresh mountain air and nice fluffy snow. The winds are light and the skiing is powdery. All powder actually. Come up and ski the powder. Shop will be open today 9AM-5PM. Ice crystal rainbow this morning. The bright light in the middle is not the sun but a reflection of it, also off of the Ice crystals. Pretty cool scene here a 2 degrees on a December morning.

Snow snow snowy snow

Well.......We got the snow, up to 6 inches. Unfortunately we are experiencing a groomer machine that fried itself on start up. The machine is at the emergency room and diagnosis looks good. Really sorry for the timing on this folks thanks for your understanding hoping to get it back quickly here. Well that is an update I dreaded doing but the good news it is really nice and snowy and wintry out there. After the machine comes back and I am done banging my head repeatedly on the wall things will get a rollin' and we will hopefully be off to a good stretch of winter here. Update with any new news.

White again.

A little bit of snow yesterday has made the airport white again. It is sure nice to see but we still need a few more inches to do some grooming. Hopefully that happens tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Ski shop will be closed today and re open when some skiing is happening again or when this weekend rolls around. Which ever happens first. Call with questions.

Be careful driving

Good Morning Folks, Slippery travel out there right now. The roads are all covered in a solid coating of ice from the freezing rain this morning. After a heroic drive this morning on the back roads of Vermont the ski shop is open for the day 10AM-3PM. If you decide to come up be careful as the roads are really bad and Ole's parking lot is a sheet of ice. Good day to stay inside with a cup of tea or maybe something a little stronger! Potential for a little snow to come in Monday night into Tuesday. Good job on the snow dances people. Keep it up! Profanities? Encouraged....Seems to be working. We just got an order of Swix gear in for your buying needs. Come check out our stash of nordic acceor

A little bit of white this morning

A dusting of snow on the airport this morning. At least there is some white again covering SOME of the grass. We are awaiting the snow. It will come. Do your snow dance, make a shrine out of your old skis and run around in a circle three times while chanting incantations. Profanities are acceptable. It can't hurt. At least THINK about snow. If you don't it's all your fault... Yeah you. Hope to see you all soon.


Good Morning, Rain and warm temps have put a one two punch on the snowpack and we are back to green grass. Oh well, it has been a great start to the season and next week things are supposed to turn cold and snowy again. Like I said yesterday, just a couple inches of snow and we will be back to it. Enjoy the warm t shirt weather. We are in for a refreeze later today and tonight and back to cold temps. Have a good day.

Get it whilst it is here

Not a photogenic day so no photo. It is cloudy and grey, but the skiing right now is great. Especially the skating. The inevitable warm up and rain that I have been pretending not to see in the forecast is coming our way. Our snow, while good now, will be tested to say the least. No worries, this year has so far provided abnormally great early season skiing. The ski season is still in it's infancy and if we loose it, another round of Nordic skiing is just one winter weather advisory away. When the trails get mushy and rain is falling, trails will be closed. Respect the closure please. I will update when things have panned out the way they are going to. Have a good day.

Chilly start today but warmer temps and great skiing in store

Good Morning, It is a chilly start to the day with a temp of zero degrees currently at the ski center. We are open today with around 8 KM of skiing. A lot of people came up yesterday and enjoyed the trails. The sun is supposed to come out and once the temperatures climb a bit it will prove to be another classic day at Ole's. Come up and say hello and do some gliding and or rolling. Our just come up and bug us. Either way see you soon.

Skiing great, open today 9AM-5PM

Good Morning, A classic Ole's Sunday in store today. It is December 7th and the almost 10 KM of skiing that we have open is in a late evening skiers words "amazingly nice". We are off to another great start this year. Mr. Sun it supposed to come out. It is pretty snowy and wintry out there at present, but that is just fine. Come up and enjoy all the snow.

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