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Firm now but should soften later

Good Morning,

We had a warm up yesterday and things froze up hard overnight. That has produced, at the moment, a very fast and firm surface. We anticipate the conditions to improve as the sun works its magic and softens things up. We did lose some snow but there is still some good skiing out there, but there are a little more earthen tones sticking out then there was yesterday.

The skiing, while fast and furious now, will soften in an hour or two. We think........

So have that second or third cup of coffee, watch another soap opera and then come up and check it out. Despite things being a tad firm and the skiing being a little on the thin side, the views are going bananas, the sun is nice and warm and the winds are light. Come say hello and enjoy these early season conditions.

Snowshoeing is also a great option and we have some great terrain to explore as well as all the snowshoe rentals you need for a day outdoors.

Call with any questions or a detailed report.

Or holiday hours will be as follows:

Christmas Eve day = 9AM-3PM

and Christmas Day we will be open 10AM-3PM.

A Happy Holiday's to all! See you up at the center!

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