100% open groomed today with another inch of fresh ovenight

Happy Saturday Everyone, The lake effect snows that are currently hammering the northern parts of New England made their way down to us and gave the trails another powder inch overnight. It is still snowing lightly, the sun is intermittently shining through the flurries and clouds. It is quite beautiful out and so is the skiing. The trails are in prime winter shape and everything is open and groomed for your gliding pleasure. Come up and enjoy these spectacular winter skiing conditions. Merchandise in the ski shop is on sale. Come up and get yourself a deal. See you soon.

3 inches of fresh yesterday, snow remains great

Good Morning, Things refroze and dried out overnight. We made it through the last few days thaw very well, gaining snow not losing it. Grooming is ongoing and we should have all trails groomed and tracked for the weekend. A strong wind out of the south south/west today. Quite tundra like across the airport but if you head out into the woods on trail # 5 towards 7A and the 4KM loops it is not bad at all. A good loop today would be #5 through the woods, out to #8 and #12 as well as adding in the trail #4 loops as well as taking a trip up # 2A. That should keep you out of the wind for the most part. We will have a heck of a base with all of this powder blowing around. We are set up for yet anot

Slushy and some classic VT weather today

A bit slushy out there today. We got a solid dose of rain overnight and it has transitioned to snow this AM. It has coated our trails in some slushy snow. The temperatures are dropping and it is still snowing lightly. The good news is that our snow loss was minimal and things look to be still well covered in the white. However the snow pack is super saturated with water and we will be closing trails for the day to allow the water to drain away. Grooming right now or skiing will bring all the water to the surface and with temperatures falling well below freezing tonight it would cause trails to become an ice sheet. Not good. Things should, key word being should, groom out and ski well tomorro


Most of the core trails were groomed out fresh this am and things are looking really nice. The skiing should be very good this morning but expect it to soften as the day progresses. Skate in the morning and classic in the afternoon would be a good plan. A classic wax-able ski properly waxed, or just a plain old wax-less ski should prove to be a fun ride today Coverage remains great. We have some sort of everything coming in for weather over the next 36 hours and I am hoping to stay on the right side of freezing for the majority of it. Time will tell so keep thinking those snowy thoughts. Come up and have a tour, a tad gloomy out there but the temps are warm and the winds as of right now, are

Another incredible day here at the center today

Full sun, and temps in the mid forties will give us a taste of spring. Once again there is going to be some serious Vitamin D kickin' around. I groomed out just about all of the core trails before I left last night and they froze up firm overnight. The sun is beaming over our fields and things will soften up quick. The snow is going to be really really nice. It does not get any nicer out and the skiing does not get any better. Come up and enjoy it!

Happy Saturday, come for a ski!

Happy Saturday, Rise and shine! Wake up, hammer a cup of Joe, and get up here, because it is time to enjoy these stellar skiing conditions. All trails are groomed, coverage remains fantastic and we are experiencing an epic stretch of winter here in East Warren, VT. Mr. Sun once again is blasting across our trail meadows and the woods are peaceful and still. Temperatures are going to be a very luxurious upper twenties to low thirties. Bring your sunblock and sunglasses, because it is that kind of day. See you up here today. Merchandise is on sale! Come get yourself into that nordic ski gear that you know you want. Have a great weekend.


It sure is nice out there. Yes another cold and crispy start to the day, double digits below zero first thing this am but temperatures are forecasted to be in the mid twenties, the sun is once again illuminating the airport, the winds are non existent and it is very very very pleasant out there. Like Julia Childs after a few cocktails pleasant or the Guru Nanak after a hearty breakfast caliber pleasant. You know, real real nice. Come up and get the goods! It is so freakin' nice out there I just wanna' plotz. Ok ok I gotta calm down. I had better go ski. I have buffed out around 25KM plus of skiing this morning and the rest is still in prime shape. It does not get any better up here so I hope

Nice and cold and nice and fast skiing

It is a skate skiers dream out there today. Not to shabby for a classic ski as well though. The track is as fast as it gets. Hard to choose what technique to use today. Things are fast, but edge-able. A great combination. Conditions, needless to say, are excellent. Everything has been groomed out as of this AM. It is pretty chilly out, but the wind is nil and with temps coming up to a very reasonable middle teens today we are off to another killler day here at the ski center. Come up and see us, have a tour and then warm up by the fire. See you soon. Merchandise at the ski center is all on sale. We have some great deals to be had so come up and check it out. Have a great day.

3 inches of fresh and 30KM plus groomed out this AM

Morning folks, Holy frijoles the trails are nice out there. Another day and it is a tad windy out there, but the snow is sweet. It is soft underfoot, not icy but very fast. We got another couple of inches yesterday to add to our count, and it did some freezing rain overnight. That crusted things up overnight and after the groomer tilled it up, it produced some real nice sugar snow that is as glide rich as it comes. Definitely some wind, but the woods are beautiful and the outer loop of trails #6,#9 and #10 was groomed out fresh this AM as well as most other trails for about 30KM plus of nicely groomed skiing. The woods on trails # 2A, #5, #8 and #12 are also sweet if you want to stay a bit c

A small break in our bluebird weather

Today it is supposed to snow and blow. We sure have had some spectacular weather as well as some spectacular skiing over the last few days. After today, the rest of the week looks to be the same! It is ok though, we are supposed to pick up 2-4 inches of snow today and I sure will not complain about any kind of new snow. And anyways, let it blow because Ole's has some awesome woods trails for you to hide in. With an early morning ski I found it to be great in there with beautiful skiing, calm and peaceful in there. Come up and enjoy the snow, get some exercise, have a snack, warm drink and then do it again. We are in a stellar stretch of skiing, going on almost two months. Can't beat it with

Dusting of snow to add to our snow count this AM

Our trails have been coated overnight in aother dusting of beautiful February snow. Things are in prime winter condition and we remain 100% open. The groomer is being ripped around the trail network this AM and we are living large here at the center. Another 2"-4" of snow is forecasted to come in tomorrow AM. Awesome ! This may be one of the best Presidents Holidays that I remember. The sun is already blasting over the airport and the winds are light. There will be a lot of Vitamin D to go around for everyone here today. Come get your vitamins and your gliding fix! Ski shop will be open today and is on sale for the Holiday week. We are swinging deals up here folks. Come check it out .

Another day of great skiing

Trails are 100% open, groomed and beautiful. Ole's was hoppin' yesterday. Loads of people were up and enjoying the amazing snow and skiing conditions. Today will be a repeat with the exception that the temps have rebounded since yesterday. With a high in the low thirties, it will prove to be a, in the words of the very wise Ted Theodore Logan, "most excellent" day. Come up and enjoy it. It does not get any better. Ski shop on sale! President's Birth day= BIG DEALS on ski packages. Come get yours.

NIce and cold!

Good Morning, A solid and cleansing 18 degrees below zero this morning when I woke up at 3AM. GOOD! It will kill the pests in the woods and keep all of us honest. We are stylin' here at the center right now. All trails are open, groomed out to perfection, and the weather over the next couple days is forecasted, for the most part, to be brilliant sun, with cold nights and temperatures rebounding each day into very seasonable and comfortable temperatures. That is a recipe for stellar skiing. Come and get it! Days like today I am going to officaly label as Doug days. My friend Doug, as well as myself love days like this. They are perfect for classic waxable skiing. It will be easy to get the gr

Chilly and sunny, great snow and excellent classic waxing today

Cold this morning around 4 degrees as of 9:30 AM. Yeah it is cold, it is winter it is supposed to be cold! The sun is out and there is a slight breeze over the airport. The woods are beautiful, still and peaceful. All trails were groomed out yesterday and most of the core trails were groomed out again this morning. Mother nature had the snow making running on and off through late last night and we picked up around 3-4 inches of fresh powder since Wednesday night. NICE! Trail # 5 out to the 4KM loops, trails # 8 and # 12, as well as the outer loop of #6 ,#9, and #10 are the places to be today and should get you out of that breeze that cuts ya' to the bone. A late after noon ski around the ou

Another coating of snow ovenight

Good Morning, Not the 3"-5" that they forecasted, but an inch of snow fell overnight. That is ok though. Building the base in small increments is more than acceptable. Trails are in prime shape and we are living high here at the center. Just about everything will be getting the grooming treatment today so come up and mess up my corduroy. I dare ya. Here is a question. Actually three....Do you like a trail system that is 100% open, groomed and tracked? Do you like comfortable temperatures with snow that is not sticky but the perfect temp to provide amazingly fast glide and great skiing? Do like slightly grumpy ski center owners who will pick on you at any cost? Then come up to Ole's, because

1" fresh overnight with more on the way

Good morning, Another 1" of snow over night with some more coming tonight into tomorrow. Skiing and trails are in great shape. Come up and enjoy. See you soon.

Another round of fresh snow yesterday to add to the snowpack

Good Morning folks, We are 100% open and the trails are amazing. There is not a root, rock or other snow snake poking up that I have found. The snow is the real glide rich and forgiving type too. It is sure is sweet. Come up and enjoy it. Call with questions. Ski shop open today 9AM-5PM.

100% open and feeling fine!

Good Morning Folks, A nice cold start to the day. 10 below first this morning. I love it! The snow is amazing. the sun is out and today will be a truly classic Ole's style day with amazing views to go along with all of this sun, snow and a trail network that is 100% open! Awesome. Come enjoy it! See you soon.

10 inches of snow over the last few days

Good Morning, It has been dumping snow over the last few days and the trails are plastered in tons of fresh snow. I was out grooming last night and it was absolutely puking snow about two hours after it was supposed to have stopped. EPIC! We are 100% open. All trails will be groomed out by around mid morning, We are in prime winter condition here people. It is like the good ol' days up here. Tons of fresh powder, ample sunshine and amazing views. Come and get it. Ski shop open today 9AM-5PM SKI SHOP ON SALE! WE ARE SWINGING DEALS!

Sleet now but heavy snow later

A little mix of rain, freezing rain and sleet is coming down on the trails as of 9AM. We scored almost 4 inches of snow yesterday and everything but the outer loop was groomed out yesterday. Skiers can expect to find the trails well packed with some fresh "snow" on top. The freezing rain is putting some crust in the scenario. While it might make the skiing a little interesting now, it is going to do wonders for a base to go underneath the snow that is forecasted to fall this afternoon and this evening. We are going to have an excellent weekend here at the center, the trails are going to be the best they have been all season and I am stoked. I am anticipating being 100% open tomorrow morning

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