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Sunny, sunny morning it’s gonna be a

April 8, 2024

Mr. sun is up and beaming brightly. It’s like he knows it’s a really big day. It’s going to be an amazing day at Ole’s once again. We have really nice coverage considering it’s April 08 with really good skiing interspersed with just a few funky spots. Can’t complain this late in the season. What a treat we have had over the last few days. We will be open for full service rentals skiing etc. etc. for today, eclipse day and at least through tomorrow. The snow pack again froze up solid last night. The grooming plan is to bust the groomers out once the sun has softened things a bit and groom out, the open terrain for another wonderful day of skiing. We are skiing on around 19 km as we added trail number one to our count yesterday. I just can’t help myself.

Come up and enjoy these trails. Hang out and watch the solar phenomenon scheduled to start this afternoon. See you up here.

Our ski shop is on sale for end of season clearance. Big deals to be had up here so come up and check it out. An Ole’s Season Pass, trail ticket or parking pass required for access today. Stop in and see us.

Boogie up here and enjoy the last few days of skiing this season! Plenty of room for everyone!


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