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No April Fools. Big snow on the way!

April 02, 2024

     What big snowstorm coming?

April Fools? I guess not. It is April 2nd, and it means no April Fools on us.

Another big late season snow storm set to hit us starting tomorrow through Friday. Up to 18 inches of snow. Crazy!

     We will be looking to get reopened for the weekend if not sooner. It looks like another huge storm with wet heavy snow and strong winds.

    Ever seen an Eclipse while Nordic Skiing? Me either.

Monday will be a first for most of us. Come to Ole's and enjoy this Astronomical Phenomenon while Skiing away. Assuming things work out as planned we will be open for the Eclipse as well as this weekend. The best skiing of the whole year might be starting this weekend.

 Stay tuned. Crazy good April Skiing coming at you.


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