Full sun, great skiing and crazy nice views today

It really really nice out. The trails are skiing great and with zero wind once again it is going to be a gravy day at Ole's. Life is sweet up here right now so come and enjoy. We are set up for a great weekend. Come get your skiing fix. Ski shop on sale! Items marked down 20% and more. See you soon.

Sweet sunshine today

Sunny, wintry temps in the low twenties and great skiing will be on the menu today. The skiing is great and today is a good day to play hooky and get some tracks on the nice corduroy or enjoy some of the nice crisp track out there. It is the best kind of day at Ole's today. See you soon.

Adding base 1/2" at a time.

Yet another 1/2" of snow overnight, skiing is awesome. Amazing what just a few inches of snow and a freezing night can do for your trail network. The following trails were groomed for your skiing pleasure this morning: Trails #2,#3,#4.#5, #7 out to the 4KM loops, and trail #11 Rock N' Roll. The skiing is probably some of the best it has been all year. Come up and enjoy it. The trails are packed firm and the snow is glide rich today. Ski shop is on sale. Items marked down 20% and more. We are here to throw a great ski package together for you. See you soon!

Another coating of snow overnight

Another coating of wet, heavy good coverage snow overnight. It has improved the trails even more and things are skiing nicely. A great weekend was had by all and the weather was beautiful. I like it cold but skiing with a t-shirt on in January is always luxurious. Trails around the center have been groomed out fresh this AM. As you go further away from base camp expect a nicely packed surface with some fresh snow on top. Good day for F4 rub on wax or similar but of course that nice wax job with the warm wax products ca not be beat. Ski shop is on sale and Items are marked down 20% or more. Come check it out.

1/2" of base added

I like to wake up and see fresh white instead of new green. It was a far cry from what I was hoping for in snow totals, but the crusty, slushy, I guess you can call it snow, that fell on the trails overnight has beefed up the snow quality quite a bit. The groomer has been out this morning, and trails are looking nice. It was a beautiful sunrise, the winds are non existent and you can not beat the nice comfy temperatures. It will be another great day at the center. Ski shop on sale today. Items marked down up to 20% and more. Come up and check it out. We will be open 9AM-5PM.


Open trails are hanging in there for the most part! Some thin spots exist but the skiing overall remains good. There have been a lot o happy skiers around this week. There is some interesting, to say the least weather moving in this afternoon so I would come ski sooner than later. Lets all hope we get some frozen variety precipitation. Ski shop on sale! Items marked down 20% or more and other items at clearance pricing. Come check it out Call with questions. We will be open today 9AM-5PM

Another beautiful day in store with great skiing!

Good Morning, Temps are supposed to be in the mid thirties today, the sun is out and the skiing is good. There is a thing spot here and there but yesterday's skiing was really nice, the skating around 5PM last night was choice, full of glide! Ski shop will be open today 9AM-5PM.

Temps to warm, no wind and still great skiing

Good Morning, Winds are light and views are long today. Trails are skiing great and it is going to be yet another good day of recreation here at the center. It is cold now, 5 below first thing this AM, but things are already warming, the sun is out and around mid day it will be a balmy 20 degrees. The lack of wind makes Ole's a perfect place to spend the day. Call with questions and come up and enjoy the snow. Seasonably cold temps forecasted all week with the chance for a little fresh later on in the week. Ski shop on sale. Come up and check us out. See you soon.

Open again today with another day of great skiing

Another day and another day of good snow. The sun is out and it is a crisp 6 degrees outside. Feels good to have some cold weather. If your looking for something to beat the cold, head up to Ole’s. Once you get moving you'll be good, and we have some great woods trails to help you get out of the breeze. Snowshoeing is also an option and we have rentals available. Be sure to pack your face protection and plenty of layers. Hot drinks inside for when you are taking a break. The skiing on our up to 20KM of trail today will prove to be excellent. Nice cold weather forecasted all week so........ It is going to be a week for skiing! There is some great gear for sale in the shop and we are swinging

Another 3"-4" of fresh and a lot more trails open

3"-4" of fresh powder out on the trails this morning, We have added trails #3, #5, #8, # 2, trail #4, and trail #7 on top of trail # 2, and Rock n' Rollin. For a total pushing almost 20KM of trail open and groomed for skate and classic skiing Skiing has greatly improved and it is nice and wintry out there. Ole's was hoppin' yesterday and today should provide even better gliding opportunities. Come up and enjoy all this snow! Ski shop stocked with gear and items on sale. Come check it out. It is a great time to get yourself into some new Nordic gear. See you soon. We are open today from 9AM-5PM.

Chilly start but good skiing in store as well as some more snow!

We are skiing on some good skiing today. The temperature right now at the center is a very nice 7 below zero, the winds are light and the air is pure. Arctic are to breath today, quite refreshing. Temperatures are chilly to start but they will rebound into the very January proper lower twenties and with the aforementioned light winds the skiing around the open trails of # 2 and Rock N' Roll willl be nice. The best snow is out on Rock n' Roll. There are a few spots that are thin but it is supposed to start snowing around mid day. We could receive up to 8 inches of snow. If we got even a fraction of that we would be stylin' and find our selves adding up to 20+ KM of trail to the menu quite qui

Chilly day but it is snowy!

We scored around seven inches of snow Thursday night and yesterday and it has turned Ole's white once again. We have groomed out around 7KM of trails. It is currently around 4 below zero out there and the wind is up. That equals some serious wind chill factor. So if you are planning on coming up dress warm and be tough, but use your common sense. There is going to be some great skiing for the MLK weekend! More snow on the way for Saturday and Saturday night. Things are looking up. Yeehhh hawww for snow! Call with questions. Ski shop will be open 9AM-5PM. Think Snow!!

3"-4" of fresh snow

Good Morning,We got around 3-4 inches of snow overnight and this morning. The airport and the Polofield have been rolled. The skiing is on the thin side but it is nice to see it white once again. There are a few slushy spots to navigate but definitely some skiable snow. A big drop in temperature as well as a forecasted north wind tomorrow should freeze up the wet spots and hopefully blow in the back side of Trail #2 with some of the fresh powder that has fallen.

Like a kid on a roller coaster, it's a little green out there

Good morning, Nobody wants to hear it so I will just say, we are awaiting some snow to come in to get some skiing going again at the center. Potentially this week. Ups and downs but the year has been great thus far. We are pushing over forty days so I am not complaining, not out loud anyways. Really good skiing out there the last few days. I had some of the best classic wax skiing days on Trail # 1 I have ever had this past week. Gotta get it while it is here folks. No excuses. So in the spirit of spin, what was good about this warm system yesterday and last night? Well we didn't get .75 of freezing rain that was seriously a possibility a few days ago. Cutting trails open from fall downs f

Springy out there

Good Morning, Trails for the most part remain well covered. The temps unfortunately are supposed to soar today and our snowpack will be tested to say the least. If you wanna ski do it early as rain is supposed to move in and give us a bath. Think snowy thoughts and hopefully we will get it back sooner than later. Shop opens at 9AM call with questions.

Skiing good today, come ski today

All open terrain is still skiing great. Come up and enjoy it because tomorrow looks a little scary. Ski shop will be open today 9AM-5PM.

Prime time today at Ole's!

Good Morning Today is going to be prime. Full sun, crazy nice views and amazing snow. 25KM plus of trail will be groomed fresh this morning for your skiing pleasure. We scored ANOTHER few inches of snow yesterday and all of our open trails are skiing sweet. I have added trail # 1 to the mix and with the exception of a few short bony spots in the woods, it has great coverage and should provide excellent gliding. It is going to be a killer waxing day. Classic tracks are going off and everyone should skip anything they have to do today. Come up and enjoy the snow while it is here. Call with questions. We will be open 9AM-5PM today.

Two inches of fresh

We scored yet another few inches of snow since Monday morning. The skiing is really nice! All open terrain has been groomed out, there are firm and edge-able skate lanes, as well as great track to glide in through out our trails. The sun is trying to come out and the temps are going to be a perfect mid to upper twenties.. It is about as nice as it gets for winter pursuits. Come up and enjoy the snow. Come and get it! The ski shop will be open today from 9AM-5PM

Powda' day!

Good Morning, It went from spring like and sticky, to cold, wintry and a blue wax kinda day. It is nice to have these cold winter temperatures and all of this fresh snow. We scored around 3-4 inches of fresh snow yesterday and last night and as of 8AM it is still snowing lightly. Skiing is great and we should have around 20KM+ of trail tracked and groomed for skate skiing by around mid morning. We will be scouting around on other terrain to see what we can see. Call with questions.

3"-5" of potential snow through tonight

Good Morning, Ole's trails are hanging on strong. All trails close into the center are skiing great. Trails open include: #2,#4,#5 through the woods as well as #5 through the field,#7 out to the 4KM loops as well as # 11 Rock N' Rolling! As you travel far out from the center things get a little thinner but overall things are skiing very nicely. Call for trail details. There is some snow forecasted to come in today and tonight and it is currently snowing at a good clip!. Just a little bit of snow and the great skiing will get even better. Yet another day of great gliding. See you soon. Come up and check out the nordic gear. Ski shop is open today.We will be open 9AM-5PM today.

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