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3 inches of fresh yesterday, snow remains great

Good Morning,

Things refroze and dried out overnight. We made it through the last few days thaw very well, gaining snow not losing it. Grooming is ongoing and we should have all trails groomed and tracked for the weekend. A strong wind out of the south south/west today. Quite tundra like across the airport but if you head out into the woods on trail # 5 towards 7A and the 4KM loops it is not bad at all. A good loop today would be #5 through the woods, out to #8 and #12 as well as adding in the trail #4 loops as well as taking a trip up # 2A. That should keep you out of the wind for the most part.

We will have a heck of a base with all of this powder blowing around. We are set up for yet another great weekend. Call for details.

The merchandise in our ski shop is on sale. Good time to get into a nordic ski package or pick up an accessory or two. See you soon.

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