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We are open today with great skiing..

Good morning,

Nice cold winter temperatures? Check.......Good snow and good skiing? Check......Yeah it is 2 below but who the heck cares! Temps are supposed to climb into the very nice mid twenties and Mr. Sun is supposed to make an appearance and say hello.

We scored up to 8 inches of snow over the last week and we have very gladly managed to open around 12KM-13KM of skiing here at the center. Around the airport and the polofield is skiing nicely as well as Trail # 11, Rock N' Roll. You will find track to glide in on all those trails. We have also rolled out trails #3 and trail #5 along East Warren Road out to the hay field (Repeat Hill) where one can make a loop and head back the way they came. There are some definite thin spots along East Warren Road but the field off of Repeat hill is nice, once you get there and it is mostly just grass underneath so if you want to get out into it you can. The latter will be best for classic skiers with their early season boards but a determined skater with some skills could make it a go. make it a go.

We are set up for a fun Holiday week. Come up and see us. There is no better way to beat the cold then Nordic skiing!

We also have some great Nordic Gear here in the shop. We are stocked with all those Nordic goodies you just have to have. Come check it out. Lower snow=Good deals at Ole's.

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