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Open today for of skiing and riding!

Good Morning,

The lean inch we scored overnight has allowed us to get a little trail open today! We have groomed out trails #2 around the airport and trail #11 around Rock N' Roll. The skiing overall is pretty good. There are a few thin spots and some icy spots underneath but the sun is shining brightly and the scenery can't be beat. Half day rates all day today! It will be a great day to hangout in the nice fresh air, come up for a ski or ride.

There were several folks up here yesterday riding there fat bikes and taking advantage of these perfect fat biking conditions. Things are very firm underneath and have about an inch of nice cold powder on top. The result is a nice, ridable surface with good traction. One experienced biker yesterday said the conditions are ideal. They gave two thumbs up. We have a couple of fat bikes available for rent and it should prove to be a fantastic day.

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