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Snow but Ole's is closed for the season

Hey Folks,

My sap boiling and home grown chicken grilling has turned into snow and winter again.

And in an ironic turn, instead of the weather guys forecasting a storm to bring a nice dump of snow and having it fizzle out to nothing, the weather guys are wrong again. Except this time their dusting to just a few inches has turned into eight. The Valley is again awash in white.

However. Due to what is going on in the world it I do not find it the right thing to do to open the center and groom out some trails. I do not want people to congregate here and please do not come up and ski. Trails are closed for the season.

I know I know it sucks.

Believe me, it is a bummer for me more than anyone. It kills me to have so much nice snow and to just leave it alone but it is the right thing to do. Almost all, but not all ski centers are following the same route. Everyone except for Trapps. Apparently they are above everything. Pretty typical of them. Not impressive. I NEVER get into anything on this blog other than my trails and the ski center but I feel it necessary to express my opinion and it is that a shelter in place order is just around the corner and everyone needs to be on board. Including Trapps. Come on guys get with it! Austria is right next to Italy if you haven't seen a map in a while. Here is a link... Must be an Austrian thing.

Sorry folks, that is my decision. The good news? It is still a winter wonderland out there. It is quite beautiful out there and the woods will be peaceful and devoid of people for the most part.

I look forward to getting through this craziness and look forward to the 20/21 ski season.

Another positive perspective is that at least this Corona thing happened in March and not at the beginning of the ski season. At least we were able to HAVE a great season and with over a hundred days, I certainly had great skiing on the trails. We will get to the other side of this thing, I am not sure how long it will take, but when we do I'll be slackin' and trackin' in my usual style and I hope you will be too.

Everyone have a good off season, stay healthy, be considerate of others and stay home. Everyone needs to get on the same page and this thing will work. Stay positive and wash your hands darn it!

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