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Skiing still great coverage remains excellent

Good Morning,

A refreeze overnight and things have firmed up. There may be just a little snow down in the valley but we are still living large up here at the center. Our snowpack is holding on strong, and skiing remains excellent. We are still 100% open, and just about everything will be getting the grooming treatment today and everything else will be regroomed for the weekend.

Skating is especially nice this morning and once things soften back up the track setter will be busted out, and I will renovate our track for some killer afternoon classic skiing. Klister anyone?

The outer trails still have great coverage but there are some very small bare spots that have shown up where the trail faces the south and sunny side of things. Ski with caution especially on the downhills. Stop in or give a jingle for details.

We are set up for yet another weekend of great skiing. Come and get it!

Merchandise at the ski shop is on sale. Come get your almost end of season ski package.

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