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Still holding strong, skiing great

What a sunny beautiful morning. Very bucolic out there first thing this AM. Sun is out and shining and the winds are also light. The birds are chirping away and they certainly seem happy. Anyone who comes up to ski should feel the same way too. The skiing overall is still excellent.

The woods are starting to get bony in a few spots. Trail #5 through the woods are in good shape for the most part but the north end before popping out into the farm fields is getting bony but very passable. You will find trails #8 and #12 in the same condition. An early morning mission to clear some down trees across the trail on the outer loop trials of #9, #10 and # 6 found it to be getting thin for sure but it is definitely skiable but bony spots, bare spots and some debris in the trail can be expected. The hill on #6 coming down after passing the Bundy has a bare spot right at the hair pin turn on the bottom. Also the steep hill coming down the South side of # 6 heading away from #7A there is also some bony spots Not a bad Idea to walk down if your speed control is questionable. It will be fun for anyone who doesn't mind an adventure and negotiating some spring conditions. My point?

Take it easy on the downhills and the outer loop is for experts only, ski at your own risk!

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