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Come and ski!

Another day of bright sun and warm spring temperatures. The sun is out in full force and the snow is heating up quick. Regrooming on trails #2 and Rock n' Roll this morning. The rest will soften up quickly and will all be skiing in proper spring fashion. Trails are for the most part covered. There are thin/bare spots to negotiate, increasing in frequency as one moves further away from the center. Basically there are the typical spring thin spots

amongst stellar spring skiing conditions. . High of 50 today so come and get it. The 10 Day forecast looks a little ominous.

Would love to get another snow storm this year and get a few more weeks out of it. Think snow people. You never know when that big late season cement truck in the sky will dump another load of base snow.

The Valley Cup was held at Blueberry lake yesterday see the results below. Thanks To Lenard and the boys for putting her on! Fun day!

All ski merchandise is on spring time sale. Come up and check out the last of the goods.

Call with questions have a great day.

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