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Open today with great skiing and more to open through out the day

Good Morning,

Yesterday's rain storm dumped about double the amount of rain that they forecasted. Never the less though, our deep snowpack absorbed the blow well and we still have great coverage on the trails. The following trails have been packed and tracked as of 9AM. Trail #2 around the airport, Trail #5 through the woods out to Trail #7 and out to Trail #4. I have also groomed trail #5 down to the bottom of Repeat Hill. Trail #5 through the fields will have to wait till the water drains out and freezes up properly.

The coverage remains great and the ski surface did not turn into bullet proof ice. That has allowed the trails to be tilled nicely resulting in a great skate lanes that will be firm underfoot but very forgiving as well as a great track!

The temperatures are really nice, the sun is even poking out, and it is a whole lot nicer than yesterday! Come ski and enjoy it. Shop is open 9AM-5PM

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