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Chilly but beautiful morning

A cold 5 degrees below zero here at Ole's this morning. The arctic air that stormed in yesterday afternoon squeezed about 1/2" of fresh powder snow out of the air and it is grooming out beautifully. We are still skiing on about 25 KM of beautiful trails and we are feeling fine here at the center.

The high for today is only 7 degrees above but I personally think that with the sun out it feels much warmer. There is no better way to beat the cold then to strap on a set of Nordic Ski's or snowshoes and take a tour. We have some great woods skiing too,. It is a beautiful day to be outside. There are is a lot of fresh tracks and it is cool to see all the animal tracks in the woods as the move around to their wintering habitats. If you come up wear lots of layers and protect all your exposed skin, especially your face and nose!

We just got some great new SKIDA hats and neck warmers in to keep your head and face warm. They sure are nice. We also have everything else that you need for your Nordic Pursuits.

We are open 9 AM - 5 PM today. Hope to see you soon.

Trail # 5 through the woods looking good !

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