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Good Morning,

The low dropped to 22 degrees below zero at my house last night. Coldest reading in a few years for sure ! Currently at Ole's it is 10 degrees below zero. There is little wind forecasted today and the temperatures are supposed to be a near tropical 9 degrees ABOVE zero by around mid day. There is some potential snow too forecasted to fall this morning. So with these "warmer" temps bring your suntan lotion, get your towel ready and have your tanning mirrors at attention. It is going to be a great day of skiing.

We will be grooming fresh almost 30 KM of ski trail today for your gliding pleasure. We added the Warren Pinnacle Ski Trail to our trail count yesterday and I heard it was skiing fantastically. Once you get out there the temps don't feel so bad. As long as there is no wind. Nordic Skiing produces it's own heat ! We also have some great snowshoe trails to explore today. Come say hello ! Remember to bring a lot of warm layers and have face and eye protection, cover all exposed skin.

The wax for today? The coldest crap you got !!

We have a shop full of great nordic gear for you. Great selection of SKIDA hats.

Shop is open from 9 AM- 5 PM everyday.

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