-24.2 this AM

Skiers on trail # 5 see any thing out of place?

Super cold start to the day today. I had 24.2 degrees below zero at my house and I heard it dropped to 26 below after I left for the ski center this morning. Yousers. We have not had a stretch of cold weather like this in a while. The temps are supposed to rebound to 10 degrees above by around mid day. That should feel pretty warm considering the past few days.

The next coupld of days we should see a reprieve from the cold and even some snow on Thursday. 3-6 inches is the last i saw. That will put a nice icing on the cake for our trails. We are skiing on about 30 KM of fantastic skiing.

The shop is open everyday 9 AM - 5 PM. See you at the center soon.

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