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Well yesterday mother nature pulled a George Bush JR. and delivered a Shock and Awe campaign. It took a beautiful snow pack with base depths of up to 18" and reduced it down to a brown sea of nothingness. Unfortunately, we are currently closed with no snow for skiing or snow shoeing. The shop will be running abbreviated hours until we get some snow for skiing. We will be open 10 AM-3 PM for the weekend and then reassess for the upcoming week. It is currently snowing fairly well at the center. After listening to the weather guys and after a glance at the radar maps it does not look like we will get the 3"-10" of snow they teased us with. Maybe we will get luck though.

Good news? It rained so hard we I don't have to sand the parking lot.

It rained so hard we got rid of all the boiler plate ice that our trails turned into.

Do your snow dance people, do it like you mean it.

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