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A dusting of snow here this AM.

Good Morning,

We have received about 1/2" of powda' this AM. Not enough to groom but we hope to pick up a few inches of snow over the next 24 hrs or so. The field is encrusted in about 1/2" of eggshell like ice. It now has a 1/2" of powder on top of that so if you turn your head real fast it looks nice and covered. The grass blades are just barely visible and I was skating around yesterday. It was skiable. There is still coverage in some spots so if anybody has there own gear they are welcome to come on up and schwack around as we will not be letting rental skis go out on these thin conditions.

With any luck we will be skiing soon. Call with questions. Shop will be open 10AM- 4PM today. With groomable snow we will resume the normal 9-5, seven days a week schedule.

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