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Skiing is GREAT !! It is going to get better too

Good Morning,

It is currently around ten degrees here at the center as of 7:30 AM. We will have about 7 KM of skiing groomed fresh for your skiing pleasure today. Including trails # 2, around the Airport and the Polo Field, Trail # 3 and Trail # 11 Rock N' Roll. Everything is skiing great and has been groomed for both classic and skate skiing. The snow has set up and the ice mentioned in yesterday's report is covered up.There a still a few, and only a very few spots that have some ice. Take it easy on the down hills on Trail # 11 especially the last field transition on Trail # 11 where there is a good patch of ice between fields in the trees. Other than that skiing is awesome and we had a great crew of people here yesterday getting the goods.

Shop is open 9 AM - 5 PM. Call or stop in for details. More snow in the forecast too !


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