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Skaters dream out there today

Good Morning,

Another Saturday and the skiing remains fantastic. The skiing may not get as "springy" as yesterday but the trails have been tilled and things are for the most part soft and edge-able. Temperatures are supposed to hit the freezing mark this afternoon and if the sun can make it through the clouds then things will become even softer even more quickly.

Folsom Brook, Cold Springs and the Bundy trails were groomed yesterday when the temps were above freezing. I would think that only one with "True Grit" should ski it before things soften up enough to make it more "corny" then icy. Down in the brook and other northern facing aspects actually have remained on the powdery side and will be edge-able through out the day. However, anywhere that the sun really melted things up yesterday will prove to have a lot of glide in the snow. Experts only on the outer loop.

Other than that the skiing is sick and if your smart you'll come to Ole's today. Grooming operations will be ongoing at least through this mid morning so ski with care and take it easy on the down hills.

We still have a few skis left and some great Swix clothing. Come check it out


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