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Fantastic skiing and very Nordic Temps today

Good Morning,

We are open today with 25 KM of skiing groomed for both Classic and Skate skiing. Over the last couple of days we received almost 10 inches of beautiful snow and the conditions are the best they have been all year. The temps are supposed to be cold today but the current temp right now is a balmy 9 degrees above and that is already warmer than what the weather guys said it was going to be. The wind as of 8 AM is pretty minimal. We have some great woods trails to get you into some cover and it is very peaceful in there. Do not forget to bring a neck gaiter and cover exposed skin. Don't have one? We have some great items in stock from Skida that look great and keep you warm.

There is no better way to beat the cold then to take a nice tour on skis or snowshoes. Fat Biking will be pretty soft today be we will see if we can create some nice bike trail for the Weekend. The woods are skiing great and it is nice to have winter back! See the pictures from yesterday's powder day. Awesome! The shop is open today from 9AM-5PM

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