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Be careful driving

Good Morning Folks,

Slippery travel out there right now. The roads are all covered in a solid coating of ice from the freezing rain this morning. After a heroic drive this morning on the back roads of Vermont the ski shop is open for the day 10AM-3PM. If you decide to come up be careful as the roads are really bad and Ole's parking lot is a sheet of ice. Good day to stay inside with a cup of tea or maybe something a little stronger!

Potential for a little snow to come in Monday night into Tuesday. Good job on the snow dances people. Keep it up!

Profanities? Encouraged....Seems to be working.

We just got an order of Swix gear in for your buying needs. Come check out our stash of nordic acceories for the Holiday times.

Have a great day, drive safe out there

Call with any questions.

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