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Sunny, cold, beautiful and 10KM+ of groomed trail

Good Morning,

Another beautiful sunrise and another refreshingly cold start to the day. We are back in action with around 10 KM of skiing up here at the center. Exploratory missions around the trail network are in store and I am hoping to have anywhere from 10KM-15KM of trail open for the weekend. Fresh tracks are set throughout open terrain.

The forecast for the next ten days is supposed to be sunny and calm as a high pressure system is supposed to dominate our area. Temperatures are cold now, but in no time today, things will rebound into the upper teens.

It is then only supposed to get nicer as the week progresses. This is a recipe for killer views, great gliding and we are set up for an amazing Holiday week here up at the center. Come up and enjoy all of this Holiday time snow!

We are stocked with all your Nordic needs. Come up and check it out. There is a lot of shiny ski stuff....... Nice.

Ski shop is open everyday 9AM-5PM. Call with questions

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