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Prime Winter Skiing Here Today

January 21, 2023

Good Morning,

We have around 20-25 KM of trails groomed, tracked out and ready to be skied. If you venture out onto the un-groomed sections ski with caution especially on the downhills. BC or Off Track Skis are recommended.

All un-groomed trails is to be considered experts only and at your own risk.

It snowed all day yesterday and we picked up another couple of inches on top of what we had already gotten. The trials are in fantastic shape. The sun is forecasted to shine in full and the views in East Warren are likely to be spectacular. Come up and enjoy

Yesterday it was fun to groom out that "hero snow" and then have a nice ski tour out in the night time winter woods.

GREAT to have some real snow to play around in! The Sun is forecasted to be out today and will be blasting over Ole's trails. Come up and enjoy these great winter conditions. We will have at least 25KM of skiing for you groomed out today. See you up here!


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