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Thanks for a great season. Have a great summer

The atypical warm sunny weather the last few days has been replaced today with some appropriate rain, raw and cold temperatures. Some snow in the forecast potentially tonight. We have called it a season, however, as things for the year are all but wrapped up and the Airport folks are starting to gear up for their season. It was a winter that reminded me of the winters of my youth here in East Warren, VT. We scored an incredible 93 total ski days this year. Just shy of the 100 I wanted to reach. Not too shabby for natural snow skiing.

We started skiing on December 17th with a respectable 4-5 inch snow storm. After the annual Christmas thaw and a weeks interlude, we enjoyed an unprecedented stretch of not only uninterrupted skiing, but snow that remained cold and pristine. With a snow cycle reminiscent of those we used to enjoy back in the day, the days blurred into a meld of skiing, grooming, and running the shop. Skiers enjoyed day after day of fantastic mid winter conditions. It was truly epic.

The last few days on the trails it seemed like there was no snow in The Valley except on East Warren’s nordic ski centers. The deep and ultra packed snow base just kept on giving. In its last, the Airport field was green and my ribbon of snow through the field gave you access to almost 25KM of killer skiing. Lastly, it became more of a hike a rather than a ski and that was that. Spring came in gentle and enjoyable. The warm up felt great.

Thanks to everyone for an amazing season. Thanks to all past and new season pass holders for your continued support and business. A special and very large thanks as always to the land owners for your continued hospitality. Also, a thanks to my wife Kristy. I owe ya. Cecil Fink, You the man, walking that Covid Cop beat straight and true. Don’t mess with the law people.

Also, a thanks to Peter Oliver for keeping the lesson train cruising nicely.

Ole’s true value was surely shown this winter. The last year has been unique. Everyone’s lives have changed to a certain degree and at the very least, despite your feelings on the situation, uncertainty and worry have been palpable all around us. I am glad to have provided a place of peace and health in the Valley.

This past year, which only those who have been around a while may know, is that we lost the founder of this great ski center Ole Mosesen. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. I knew Ole from skiing as a kid, but he moved permanently back to Norway when I was still just a corn nugget. I remember him as kind enough, and straight forward. He was a legendary skier. This year I think we can all agree how thankful we are he founded the ski center, laid out this awesome trail network and helped to start a Nordic tradition in the Mad River Valley, which is now pushing 50 years.

At Ole’s this winter, a real sense of appreciation for the gift of snow we were able to enjoy was ever present. I already love owning Ole’s. I cannot think of anything else I would rather be doing with myself. The positive vibes flowing through the ski center and its trail system made it even sweeter. If this had been a bust winter, our little town would have been in a sour mood to say the least.

We all deserved a great winter, thanks Ole.

A relative of Ole’s family sent me an article she had found about Ole some time ago. I’ll attach it here. Ole was a farmer, and a professional fisherman. He was also, as many Norwegians are, a voracious skier. I enjoyed reading it and cannot help but relate to it. I have been known to be little bit possessed by both skiing and fishing, I also do a little farming here and there. Thankfully, I am much better at running the ski center than I am at farming. Also, as anyone who knows me will attest, I do not shy away from hard work. Did I mention I am a tad stubborn?

Have a great summer people, stay in touch. I am looking forward to another great year in 2021/2022 at Ole’s Cross Country.

Cheers to seeing all of your faces next year, not just the top halves.

Be well folks!



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